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Pilates Tones Up Your Torso

Joseph H Pilates developed a method of exercise he called Pilates, he borrowed some of the movements from Yoga ‘asanas’ and created a system that increases core strength more quickly than anything else. He claimed, “in ten sessions you will feel the difference. In twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you have a whole new body.”

I don’t know about you, but I could use a new body after having 4 children. I have often prescribed pilates sessions to clients as most of us need to create core strength. When we have core strength our spine is straight and stays that way, we lose a lot of back pain as we learn to use our core strength to give us strong limbs.

Pliates teaches that all movement should come from this core and that if we use this as our foundation our bodies will stay strong and lithe for many years. Pilates actually changes the way people use their bodies, students begin to move more gracefully, with better posture and more fluidity, like a dancer.

So get out there and find a Pilates studio or better yet, if you live on the Sunshine Coast have one of our Pilates specialists come to you.

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