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Go to the Core for Power

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What is your core? Your core is comprised of all the muscles that make up your torso including the: rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques, psoas and the erector spinae. This set of muscles are the main muscles that give you your core power.

What is core power? It is the same power that Martial Arts, Pilates and Yoga target for optimal body strength. I did Karate for three years and we were taught to bring all our punching, kicking and blocking power from our core, this is very important for women as our limbs are not as strong as men.  From the power you build in your core all other movement can rise without injury and you will be much more unlikely to develop back ache (and you can also minimise or delete backache from your life altogether just by developing core strength.

Your core muscles power all movements that require bending, pushing, pulling, and extending the trunk, just ask anyone who has just taken part in a picnic rope pull and ask them which of there muscle are sore the next day.

How can you build your core and move from this centre with balance and power from now on? Get yourself a Yoga or Pilates instructor, they will give you sets of exercises like the ‘Bridge’, the ‘Plank,’ the ‘Side Plank,’ and the ‘Bird dog.’ For even greater degree of difficulty and greater control and balance they might even get you to do these exercises on a ‘fit ball.’

A personal trainer can also add in working the abdominal muscles with a medicine ball or weight plate, rowing and  the erector spine with a ‘Back Extension’ exercise.

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