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5 Levels of Healing – A Dr and Physicist Speak Out About Healing

This series of videos are excellent, Dr Kinghardt is a German doctor who speaks about healing, quantum physics, biochemistry and biophontons to give you an overview of the amazing healing abilities of the human body:

This is only one of three in this series and I will bring you them one by one as they are released. Enjoy!

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Yoga Proves to Be Effective in Reducing Blood Pressure

Yoga for Blood pressureEveryone knows that Yoga has many health benefits, and now they are proving it, “Preventive Research Center at Yale’s School of Medicine found that “yoga may be as effective in reducing total blood pressure as conventional drug treatments.” Hypertension stresses the kidneys and this causes them to push backward out of their natural alignment.” What is really interesting is the The Yale Medical Group have quite a few research studies happening at the moment re: Yoga.

One for Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), another to see how Yoga affects Asthma, and even one to see how Yoga can help people with cancer! So even the medical community cannot deny the myriad health benefits of doing Yoga regularly. Why not get to a class or book a session today!

If you are in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland balancenoosa will be happy to bring your Yoga wellness session right to you at home, why not book a session right now.

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Vibration Maximises Workout In Less Time

Vibration Exercise Platforms are being used in rehabilitation clinics and therapy clinics all over the world to help members and clients regain muscle tone, restore bone mass and help regain balance and learn to walk after serious illness or injury. But, did you know that they can also be used my elite athletes to boost their workout, avoid injury and help to flush the body of toxins built up during a workout?

Here are some of the stats, I found on the effects of Vibration Platforms on exercise:

  • Similar strength gains from 3 months of vibration exercise (maximum time 20 minutes) compared to 1 hour of conventional strength training

  • Doubling of blood circulation after vibration training, resulting in the body carrying off waste products much faster, thereby enhancing recovery.

  • Duration vibration exercise stimulates force and power output

  • Significant hormonal effects from training (increased testosterone and growth hormone, and decreased cortisol, ‘stress hormone’)

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased explosive power

  • Explosive strength increases from 10 minutes a day of vibration training for 10 days is equivalent to those found from 200 drop-jumps from 24 inches, twice a week, for a year

  • Accelerated gains in neurological adaptation, shifting the force/velocity curve to the right (faster strength gains)

Now I don’t know about you but I would think that adding a 10 minute stint on a Vibration Platform to my workout regime on a regular basis would be a great way to capitalise on all the benefits using one can bring and maximise my strength and stamina at the same time.

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Make Room in Your Life for More…

I got to talking to one of our clients the other day and she was very disappointed that she wasn’t really fitting in with a group she had joined. It was an amateur theatrical group and once upon a time this lady had been a professional performer.

I said to her just one thing, “You know S____, I had a mentor once that said to me, “You know Annie, you have to breathe out before you can breathe in.” This lady almost exactly mirrored what I believe I must have looked like when I first heard that statement. There was a moment of total stillness as she allowed herself to digest and come to grips with all the levels of that statement, and then her eyes lit up with total comprehension and she smiled widely, “Quick, quick give me pen and paper I have to write that down! That is the best advice anyone has ever given me, EVER!”

Did you get it? Do you know why this lady and I know that this little piece of advice is the BEST EVER?

In life we are so busy holding on so tightly in case we ‘lose’ something that perhaps we do not allow ourselves to let go, to release, to feel grateful for what we have, to realise this might be a chance to do it differently, to just be and see what happens. This statement holds so many levels it never stops being relevent. “Breathe out… make room for more, for something different, make room for life to give you something wonderful!

“You have to breathe out, before you can breathe in.”

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What’s Wrong With the Way We Eat?

This interesting talk by Mark Bittman, will give you some answers on how you can help save the planet, just by changing the way you eat!

View this great video!

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New Healthy Food Pyramid Much More on Track

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Yes, there is finally a new healthy food pyramid and it is much more on track with what hundreds of good nutritionists have been saying for years. My e-Book “A Rainbow on My Plate” has just the same ethos as they do and will give you a total overview of how to put a healthy food lifestyle into place. Perhaps now the doctors and govenment health programs will get on track themselves and the public will finally listen!

“The Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has relaunched its Web site, The Nutrition Source .

One of the highlights of the improved site is a freely downloadable version of the Healthy Eating Pyramid, built by nutrition faculty at the School, which should appeal to educators and health professionals as well as institutions such as schools and hospitals.” Physorg

Healthy eating is about balance, cut right down on the starchy carbs and eat more vegetables, fruit and good quality protein and oils (Yes, oils are good for you) and get some regular exercise and joy into your life and life long and happy.

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Mind Over Matter: Give Yourself a Break!

Are you one of those people who is constantly hard on yourself? Do you say nasty things to yourself like “You’re too fat”, “I going to get fat ’cause I didn’t get to the gym this week,” basically anything that begins with ‘can’t, don’t, won’t or a sentance that uses the words ‘never or always’, “I’ve always been fat,” or other negatives about yourself or your body in some way? This way of thinking about yourself is all too common, but unhealthy! Healthy habits of mind begin with you.

I am a registered life coach and one of the things I teach people about their thoughts is that they eventually affect the way they feel and their actual physical body. Basically you will become what you think! Mind over matter! If you think you are fat, and you say it to yourself for long enough – you will become fat.

Now, it seems they are proving that what I have been saying it true: a study in the American Journal of Health has suggested, “the less satisfied people [in the study] were with their size, the more unhealthy they felt regardless of how much they weighed.” If you consistently perceive a negative about your body it will eventually manifest in some way.

How can you stop ‘dogging’ on yourself? My advice is to do what I do:

  • start to monitor your thoughts, we have around 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those are usually unconscious thoughts, (you are not aware of them) they happen automatically
  • when you catch yourself having a negative thought say, “I take that back! what I meant to say was…” and say something more positive about your body or you.
  • Get yourself a wellness or life coach – good for people who have a hard time believing nice things about themselves or have very poor self confidence

If you would like to read more about this subject, checkout this full article on this subject here:

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A Women’s Conference and Balance Nutrition

Our lovely Helen is all set to present a the Look Good, Feel Great Be Empowered Women’s Expo to be held in Noosa this weekend. So if you are around Noosa why not pop in and say “Hi”, the cost of entry also gifts you with a free glass of wine (always a winner!) and nibblies. If you are there around 1pm stop by and listen to Helen from ‘balancenoosa’ presenting on “Lifestyle Balance: Wellness for Life.”

Where: Blue Fish Bar and Grill, Noosa Civic

When: Saturday, 24 May, 2008

Cost: $15 admission (includes complimentary glass of wine and nibblies)

You can even pre-purchase your tickets HERE

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Are You Up for a Challenge?

made specific for the triathlon wikipedia page, made up of liscences images from wikimedia as well as a few of my own photos which I release to public domainImage via Wikipedia

Do you stick with what you know or are you open to new things? Do you do the same old fitness routine or avoid changing your dietary habits because you just don’t feel comfortable with being adventurous?

It’s time to get out of your rut! When you consider that our ancestors would not have come this far if they had not experimented or taken on an adventurous task, then you begin to understand that taking on challenges is hard wired into our psyche. If we stick with what we know, take the same route to work, keep to the same schedule day after day we become stagnant – every part of us. Our body no longer responds to the daily workouts the way it used to, our mind cannot grasp new beliefs and thoughts even if we want it to, and your emotional self no longer seeks to feel joy or excitement and our relationship can become stale.

I have a cure for this. Get out and change something, if it really bothers you start small, change your fitness routine, or introduce yourself to one food that you have not tried. For those of you, who are a bit like me and have a sense of adventure inborn, get out and really go for a challenge that suits your adventurous spirit.

Start training for a big competition or event and hire a trainer to get you across the line, learn something completely new if you have never tried yoga before hire a teacher, what about belly dancing or pole dancing? Take on a beach marathon or triathlon having a new challenge and a new goal is guaranteed to bring a new sense of adventure and excitement to your life and your whole life will reflect your new outlook.

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Simple Measures Result in Proven Reduction of Office Maladies

Everyone knows that the rate of headaches, tiredness, stress and other maladies are one of the causes of a lot of lost hours and productivity. A new study has found that just by introducing some simple methods of exercises, reminders and stress-relief that office headaches etc.. can be decreased by over 40%!

“Office staff who took part in an eight-month workplace initiative reported that headaches and neck and shoulder pain fell by more than 40 per cent and their use of painkillers halved, according to research published in the May issue of Cephalalgia.”

<a href=””&gt; <img src=”; border=”0″ width=”468″ height=”60″ alt=””></a> They also reported that pain levels were less severe at the end of the study than at the start.

Any office manager knows that this kind of percentage means greater productivity, less days lost to illness and a boost in the bottom line. So what were these simple measures and how can you introduce them into your office or organisation? Here is the bottom line:

  • Office workers were taught a series of relaxation and posture exercises (like yoga or pilates) and asked to do them every 2 to 3 hours
  • Red tags were placed around the office as reminders to take care of the neck and shoulder area and avoid over-contraction of the head and neck area
  • staff were given 5 to 10 minutes to sit quietly in a comfortable chair and just relax, often with warming pads on their shoulders and neck area

Now this may seem a bit impractical, however when you think about the fact that all of this may only take about 1 hour over a whole day and may boost production and lessen time lost to headaches, tiredness and stress, it just might prove that by taking care of your workers in this way is better for your business.

Click this link for more information about Corporate Programs that can be designed for your office or organisation. Corporate Fitness Programs can include a range of fitness and wellness specialists including: yoga, pilates, personal training, massage, nutrition, stress relief meditation, and presentations on easy stress relief practices, health and wellness, and group coaching, along with corporate bootcamps, seminars and retreats. Why not find out more today as the results you will see in your business can only make your bank manager smile.

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