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Mind Over Matter: Give Yourself a Break!

Are you one of those people who is constantly hard on yourself? Do you say nasty things to yourself like “You’re too fat”, “I going to get fat ’cause I didn’t get to the gym this week,” basically anything that begins with ‘can’t, don’t, won’t or a sentance that uses the words ‘never or always’, “I’ve always been fat,” or other negatives about yourself or your body in some way? This way of thinking about yourself is all too common, but unhealthy! Healthy habits of mind begin with you.

I am a registered life coach and one of the things I teach people about their thoughts is that they eventually affect the way they feel and their actual physical body. Basically you will become what you think! Mind over matter! If you think you are fat, and you say it to yourself for long enough – you will become fat.

Now, it seems they are proving that what I have been saying it true: a study in the American Journal of Health has suggested, “the less satisfied people [in the study] were with their size, the more unhealthy they felt regardless of how much they weighed.” If you consistently perceive a negative about your body it will eventually manifest in some way.

How can you stop ‘dogging’ on yourself? My advice is to do what I do:

  • start to monitor your thoughts, we have around 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of those are usually unconscious thoughts, (you are not aware of them) they happen automatically
  • when you catch yourself having a negative thought say, “I take that back! what I meant to say was…” and say something more positive about your body or you.
  • Get yourself a wellness or life coach – good for people who have a hard time believing nice things about themselves or have very poor self confidence

If you would like to read more about this subject, checkout this full article on this subject here:

live a balanced life!

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