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Direct Your Thinking, Take Action and Get Fit

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I know that when it comes to exercise I have a lot less motivation than I would like to have. My business partner has no trouble in this area, she is an great Yoga Instructor, she surfs, and her husband runs youth fitness clubs (what chance do I have?). I however find it really easy to eat healthily, have no trouble downing my green morning drink.

Yes, it’s green – because of all the green barley in it, one day if you want to know I will give you the recipe for my ‘Tigers Milk” great stuff and I love it. However to be honest it’s an aquired taste. NO really it took me months to get aquired 😉 But I had no problems just doing it, none at all. Now fitness, especially now that it is winter (and it’s definitely too cold to get up that extra hour early to exercise) is a real challenge for me.

So I was interested to read this exerpt from an article in a Science magazine about what researchers had found out about this and how we can ‘direct’ our thinking and create new motivation and even take action on things we naturally find excuses to avoid:

“Researchers asked students to think about ideas that fell into either the “reasons” category or the “actions” category. For example, some participants were asked to list the reasons why they should increase the performance of a target cardiovascular exercise they had previously selected, such as to be healthier or lose weight. Other participants were asked to list actions they could take to increase exercise performance, such a joining a gym or working out with a friend.

Having the students for eight weeks bring to mind and list actions they could take to increase exercise performance led to an increase in exercise and improved cardiovascular fitness. However, having students repeatedly bring to mind the reasons why they should do the target exercise did not increase time spent exercising.

“Our results suggest that people who are out of shape and at risk for serious health problems may be able to think their own way out of their unhealthy lifestyle and onto the path towards better physical fitness,” the authors conclude. “It could change the way that people think about motivating themselves and others.”

So get out your notepad and start listing all the reasons you should be keeping fit and/or the ways you could be taking action. I did and this is what I found.

What I did: I realised that the easiest way for me to take action and get rid of most of my excuses was to do something that I had been planning for a while. I have fallen totally in love with the Vibration Platform, this really cool, wonderous machine even gets you fit when you just stand on it! For a greater workout you can do the 24 poses, or create your own workout, even a Yoga workout if you like yoga.

So while the really big suppliers special was on this month I ordered one, and set it up in my lounge room, so that even when I feel really really unmotivated all I have to do it turn on the TV, watch some inane drivel and stand on my Vibrating Platform. Too Easy!

Go take a look, I have put lots of information about them on site and the special is on for at least 3 more days. Tell you what, because your such a nice person (and so am I ;), if you really, really want your very own Vibration Platform at these great prices… and you use the contact form onsite to let me know you do… I will hold one for you at those prices for 2 more weeks (just don’t tell my business partner – ok?).

Make sure you let me know as soon as possible, and make sure you let me know in your email which one you have chosen for yourself.

live a balanced life…

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