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‘Come To You’ Beauty Service Launched in Noosa!

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We had such a great night training our specialists to do the balancenoosa ‘Come to You’ beauty services! The wonderful and amazing Carol came to teach our crew, and everyone benefited from her in depth knowledge and her passion for the products she produces.

Carol is an expert in the Beauty Industry who has spent years in labs around the world, creating and learning about the best natural and organic products and then established herself as the ‘behind the scenes’ creator of many spa and beauty product used in top resort chains, spa’s and beauty products. We are so lucky to have her on board creating our range of amazing and gorgeous beauty and spa products.

We now know just how wonderful balancenoosa’s new range is, when Carol opened the proceedings with a 20 minute talk on what’s in our range of products!

We learned about the amazing Aussie Zeolite – the best in the world because of its crystalline structure.

About the newly found organic preservative now in our products so that we can truly say with complete honesty that our products are not just natural, they are organic!

We also learned about the herbal essences, floral waters and other skin absorbing products in this gorgeous range, and then we got to play! Everyone got to test and try each of the products we will be using in our beauty services and everyone agreed they were indeed amazing.

We even had one lady with extremely sensitive skin and she loved the products too!

All of our specialists will be using this range exclusively for you during your balancenoosa Beauty sessions, and you can be assured of their quality and that they are truly organic right down to the preservative. Carol then did a facial on one lucky participant and we all learned just how to use each of the products to best effect and to leave our clients feeling just so blissful and their skin renewed.

On holiday in Noosa? or thinking of a holiday? We not only have our ‘Come to You’ services we can also offer you accommodation specials through our site, come on by and see what we can do for you. A balancenoosa holiday might just make your year!

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Are Your Kids Eating Well?

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A study to come out of Australia from the CSIRO has shown that only a proportion of our kids are eating and exercising well enough to be healthy now and in the future. Are yours?

Our children are our future and many of them are setting themselves up for terminal ill health before they have even started. The article goes on to say:

“UniSA Professor Tim Olds says about one quarter of the children surveyed were overweight or obese.

‘This number hasn’t increased over the last decade or so, and that’s encouraging but it’s still far too high,’ Professor Olds says. ‘Australian children spend very large amounts of time (3-4 hours a day on average) in front of a screen of some sort – TV, computer or videogame console. Swapping sedentary behaviours like TV watching for activities that get kids moving is a great step towards getting that number down.’

Project coordinator, Dr Jane Bowen of CSIRO’s Preventative Health National Research Flagship, says since the previous surveys there have been some big changes in the Australian way of life.

‘Many children are not eating enough nutritious food, which means they don’t get the vitamins and minerals needed during their growth years,’ she says. ‘Unfortunately fruit, vegetables and dairy foods are being replaced by foods high in kilojoules, salt and saturated fat – the very dietary patterns linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease in adults.’

The head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University Professor Lynne Cobiac, says the results for teenage girls are particularly worrying.

‘As a group, teenage girls appeared to be getting insufficient amounts of calcium from foods. Eighty percent of 14 to 16 year old girls did not consume the recommended amounts of calcium. Girls this age also reported doing the least amount of physical activity. These two factors combined put them at risk of developing weak bones as they grow older.’

Dr Bowen says the survey involved more than 4,400 interviews with children aged 2 to 16 years and their parents.” (Science Centric News)

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Happiness Is Easier With Friends

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A new study has come out about social networks and it has proven something most of us have suspected for many years: the more friends you have the happier you are. PHYSORG.COM

Now this is very true and most of us know it, however I have a teenager and he is the last of 4 children and all of them had to go through the age of wanted lots of friends and thinking they had to change themselves or appear different in some way to have and to hold those friends. This in my experience only leads to un-happiness.

So in line with adding to the research I would like to add a few Rules of Friendship (for everyone but especially for our teens):

  1. If you have to act, think or be different in any way from who you are to have a certain set of friends, they are not your friends. They don’t even know you, nor you them because all of you are acting differently from who you really are.
  2. If you have to lie or hide what is going on with your friends from your parents, think again. Those friendships may (I said may) not be good friendships. a little hint with parents, they are not actually trying to make your life miserable.) Most of the time parents just want to keep you safe, yes some parents may not take the time to really get to know your friends and disapprove before knowing the facts – but this is still their aim. We love you, so much we would do anything even make you hate us just to keep you safe.
  3. If you want friends – first you have to be one. Friends are people who are there when you need them, they are a shoulder to cry on and a smile in a crowd. Friends know when you need a good laugh and a good cry. Friends do not ever make you do something illegal or dangerous, not ever. Good friends are like parents, they want you to be safe and feel loved. Friends are the family you bring into your life.
  4. You can tell a person is your friend when: it makes you happy to be with them, they want the best for you, they know you are wonderful and amazing even when you don’t, they help you feel good about being you, they let you cry on them, with them and for them, they make you laugh and smile most of the time. Friends, real friends never (well hardly ever) compete with you, never put you down, never get jealous of your good fortune or your looks or your luck with the opposite sex, they never, ever put you in danger or allow you to put yourself in danger.
  5. Good friends love you, just the way you are.

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Grant Me The Wisdom to Know the Difference


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We have all heard the Serenity Prayer (it is also AA’s credo):

May I continue to strive to maintain the

Serenity to accept the things that I cannot change,

Courage to change the things that can,

and the

Wisdom to know the difference.

This is also in line with a great post by Seth Godin, one of my all time favourites, Do you have 16 boxes. In this post Seth says something that is pertinent in so many ways at the moment. The economic situation is on everyones lips it seems, funnily enough even people with no money to lose are talking about the stock market crash as if they are personally involved and how bad the economy is.

Now, ok, I get it we might be in for some hard times, we might even have to be a little creative and step out of our carefully constructed boxes to maintain an income or dare I say it, prosper. So personally I am going to treat it as an adventure and a dare (finding ways to prosper in the economic downturn).

All I hear though from everyone else is doom and gloom, not helped at all by the media. I’ll let you into a little secret, the media do not believe half of the garbage they sell as news, they use what will sell.

Anyway back to what I am trying to say, and the Serenity Prayer and Seth both say if for me. Instead of dooming a glooming, try asking yourself:

What can I change?

What can I focus on to create an income and to sustain us through this downturn?

What creative ways can I think of to change my life to create flow?

What box can I step out of?

What dream can I finally go for (because I have nothing to hold on to now anyway, I might as well take a risk)?

Go on, I dare you to treat it all as an adventure and a test of your daring, go for it, I know you can!

Negative thoughts create negative well-being and if you are to get through the ‘new depression’ without becoming depressed and creating ill health, you will need to think a little differently.

live a balanced life…

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A Balanced Life A New Theory of Everything

Garret Lisi is one of us, a surfer. He surfs the waves of Hawaii and the quanta of the universe, for those with even a tiny interest in our universe and how it works, or for those who sit in awe and wonder of it, listen to this talk.

A lot of it will go over your head, but the reference to “all possibilities expanding and developing at once” gives me joy, and will bring a smile to my face for the rest of today, and possibly tomorrow.

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Meditation On Compassion Improves Health and Stress Levels

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Many years ago I studied under a man who had spent a lot of time studying the oldest beliefs and practices around the world. To do this he spent time, often years, in monasteries, living with tribal peoples and learning all he could about how they maintained their connection to spirit.

One of my favourites, out of the things he taught me was a Tibetan meditation called Tonglen, which is where you sit in meditation and purposefully take in the sorrows of the world and transmute it into love and send it back out again. Now this may seem like it would hurt you, however if you have prepared your heart before hand and made sure to set the boundaries (80% to go back out into the world and 20% for me) well it can be one of the most enlightening things you can do.

My teacher always said that enlightenment was all about ‘lightening up’, and in that he meant pulling back the veils of illusion we have over our eyes seeing life for what it was, ‘all small stuff’ and letting it go. Either through laughter or through love.

Tonglen was all about letting it go through love for your fellow man, yourself and spirit.

Now a study on meditation and health has proved his point, that not only will you feel better emotionally your physical body will not react to stress in the same way either. Compassion was a way to heal within yourself and outside of yourself:

“This study focused on the effect of compassion meditation on inflammatory, neuroendocrine and behavioural responses to psychosocial stress, and evaluated the degree to which engagement in meditation practice influenced stress reactivity.

‘Our findings suggest that meditation practices designed to foster compassion may impact physiological pathways that are modulated by stress and are relevant to disease,’ explains Charles L. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body Program, Emory University’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Emory School of Medicine, and a lead author on the study.

Sixty-one healthy college students between the ages of 17 and 19 participated in the study. Half the participants were randomised to receive six weeks of compassion meditation training and half were randomised to a health discussion control group.

Although secular in presentation, the compassion meditation program was based on a thousand-year-old Tibetan Buddhist mind-training practice called ‘lojong’ in Tibetan. Lojong practices utilise a cognitive, analytic approach to challenge an individual’s unexamined thoughts and emotions toward other people, with the long-term goal of developing altruistic emotions and behaviour towards all people. Each meditation class session combined teaching, discussion and meditation practice.

The control group attended classes designed by study investigators on topics relevant to the mental and physical health of college students such as stress management, drug abuse and eating disorders. In addition, a variety of student participation activities were employed such as mock debates and role-playing.

Both groups were required to participate in 12 hours of classes across the study period. Meditators were provided with a meditation compact disc for practice at home. Homework for the control group was a weekly self-improvement paper.

After the study interventions were finished, the students participated in a laboratory stress test designed to investigate how the body’s inflammatory and neuroendocrine systems respond to psychosocial stress.

No differences were seen between students randomised to compassion meditation and the control group, but within the meditation group there was a strong relationship between the time spent practising meditation and reductions in inflammation and emotional distress in response to the stressor.

Consistent with this, when the meditation group was divided into high and low practice groups, participants in the high practice group showed reductions in inflammation and distress in response to the stressor when compared to the low practice group and the control group.” Science Centric News

**Tonglen is also known as Lojong

So what are you waiting for? If you are stressed I can tell you that this kind of meditation can change the way you see your world, it can create a feeling of calm mindfulness throughout your whole day, where you are in a state of mind that sees all things as a part of your learning process – and no more. Nothing to get upset about, I just need to learn this lesson and move on. Such a feeling of peace and I can also tell you  that when I do this, my whole physiology changes, I rarely get tired on days I use this meditation and I rarely feel any aches and pains at the end of the day.

Isn’t it nice that science it proving it isn’t all in my mind? or perhaps it is the exact opposite – if I see life differently so will my whole self and nothing will perturb me mind, body or soul.

live a balanced life…

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Pregnant? New Research Get Physical!

pregnant silhouette

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Are you pregnant? Have you been told to rest?

New research proves that keeping active is healthier for you and your baby.

“There has been quite a dramatic change in regards to pregnancy and exercise,” said Pivarnik, who has studied the topic for more than 20 years. “While it used to be thought that avoiding exercise meant avoiding harm to the fetus, research now shows physical activity can not only improve health of the mother but also provide potential long-term benefits for the child.”

Specifically, the guidelines call for women to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week during pregnancy and the postpartum period, preferably spread throughout the week. In addition to health benefits, moderate physical activity also may reduce the length of labor, evidence suggests. The guidelines call for women to avoid doing activities that involve lying on their back after the first trimester and activities with high risk of falling or abdominal trauma.

During the postpartum period, regular physical activity continues to benefit a woman’s overall health, according to Pivarnik’s research, by increasing her cardiorespiratory fitness and improving her mood. Physical activity after pregnancy also helps women achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and when combined with appropriate caloric restriction, promotes weight loss.

“In the time I have been performing research on exercise during pregnancy, we have shifted from cautious conservatism to the current guidelines, which encourage women to be active throughout gestation,” Pivarnik said.” Science Daily

So go on, get out and do some exercise, if you are a bit worried about how much is good for you, take a walk on a daily basis, it is still one of the best forms of exercise.

Better yet, try a yoga class or some pilates there are some great classes around, be sure your instructor understands your condition and how to tweak the positions to suit you.

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Ocsober Sober in October for the Kids

Who has heard about this Life Ed initiative in Australia called Ocsober?

It’s all about cutting out alcohol for one month every year, to educate our children about drinking choices and the effects of alcohol and drugs. Run by Life Education Australia it’s a great way to get on board and help our children learn how to say no.

Our kids learn from what we do, not what we say, it is up to us to teach and lead our children by example so that when they get into their teens they are not carried away with the drug and alcohol abuse that regularly goes on, the parties where things get out of control and the random acts of violence that are so prevalent today.

Come on, if you want things to be different it has to start with you, YES YOU! check out this link to learn more.

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Soothe Your Children With Yoga

Have you ever thought about giving your children some yoga lessons?

Studies have proven that kids who learned and use yoga regularly are calmer, more coordinated and handle day to day stresses better and children can begin at a very young age as the yoga classes are targeted to their age.

Usually tiny ones are encouraged to begin by introducing them to yoga through a Mummy (or Daddy) and baby yoga class and progress from there. Making yoga a game to play children are able to stretch, flex and learn how to lie quietly on the floor during final relaxation.

Studies have proved that kids who do yoga have improved concentration and focus, better self esteem and teenagers who do yoga find that they often lose weight. It can help with ADD symptoms and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Come on get started today, just like a play group, a yoga class can be arranged to suit you and your friends, if you are on the Sunshine Coast give us a call and see what we can arrange for you.

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