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Happiness Is Easier With Friends

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A new study has come out about social networks and it has proven something most of us have suspected for many years: the more friends you have the happier you are. PHYSORG.COM

Now this is very true and most of us know it, however I have a teenager and he is the last of 4 children and all of them had to go through the age of wanted lots of friends and thinking they had to change themselves or appear different in some way to have and to hold those friends. This in my experience only leads to un-happiness.

So in line with adding to the research I would like to add a few Rules of Friendship (for everyone but especially for our teens):

  1. If you have to act, think or be different in any way from who you are to have a certain set of friends, they are not your friends. They don’t even know you, nor you them because all of you are acting differently from who you really are.
  2. If you have to lie or hide what is going on with your friends from your parents, think again. Those friendships may (I said may) not be good friendships. a little hint with parents, they are not actually trying to make your life miserable.) Most of the time parents just want to keep you safe, yes some parents may not take the time to really get to know your friends and disapprove before knowing the facts – but this is still their aim. We love you, so much we would do anything even make you hate us just to keep you safe.
  3. If you want friends – first you have to be one. Friends are people who are there when you need them, they are a shoulder to cry on and a smile in a crowd. Friends know when you need a good laugh and a good cry. Friends do not ever make you do something illegal or dangerous, not ever. Good friends are like parents, they want you to be safe and feel loved. Friends are the family you bring into your life.
  4. You can tell a person is your friend when: it makes you happy to be with them, they want the best for you, they know you are wonderful and amazing even when you don’t, they help you feel good about being you, they let you cry on them, with them and for them, they make you laugh and smile most of the time. Friends, real friends never (well hardly ever) compete with you, never put you down, never get jealous of your good fortune or your looks or your luck with the opposite sex, they never, ever put you in danger or allow you to put yourself in danger.
  5. Good friends love you, just the way you are.

live a balanced life…

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