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Fountain of Youth Found in Marine Collagen

You and I know that from about the age of 25 our skin begins to break down, what exactly is breaking down, collagencausing wrinkles, lines and a loss of the plumpness associated with younger skin?

It is collagen, yes I know you’ve heard of collagen bring injected into lines and lips to plump them up, the reason is that it is the most abundant form of protien found in human tissue. Collagen is what gives young skin it’s plumpness, smoothness and refresh rate. Your skin refreshes itself regularly as old skin cells are shed and new ones brought up from underneath, this is one of the points of exfoliation, to bring up the newer skin cells from below and slough of the old ones from on top.

So without painful injections how can we renew the collagen?

Bio-marine collagen is made up of amino acids, which are the key building blocks of skin collagen. As marine collagen has a similar structure to human collagen, it can be applied to the skin directly to replenish and support the skin’s own collagen supply, studies have shown can help maintain skin thickness and protect against the damaging effects of photo aging.

balancenoosa’s new beauty range is filled with natural, organic products including marine collagen and zeolite to renew, refresh and restore youthfulness to your skin. Why not try one of our balancenoosa Signature Facials today, we also supply product for those wishing to continue to use the beautiful range we have had developed just for you.

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A Balanced Life A New Theory of Everything

Garret Lisi is one of us, a surfer. He surfs the waves of Hawaii and the quanta of the universe, for those with even a tiny interest in our universe and how it works, or for those who sit in awe and wonder of it, listen to this talk.

A lot of it will go over your head, but the reference to “all possibilities expanding and developing at once” gives me joy, and will bring a smile to my face for the rest of today, and possibly tomorrow.

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Ocsober Sober in October for the Kids

Who has heard about this Life Ed initiative in Australia called Ocsober?

It’s all about cutting out alcohol for one month every year, to educate our children about drinking choices and the effects of alcohol and drugs. Run by Life Education Australia it’s a great way to get on board and help our children learn how to say no.

Our kids learn from what we do, not what we say, it is up to us to teach and lead our children by example so that when they get into their teens they are not carried away with the drug and alcohol abuse that regularly goes on, the parties where things get out of control and the random acts of violence that are so prevalent today.

Come on, if you want things to be different it has to start with you, YES YOU! check out this link to learn more.

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Metabolic Syndrome Leptins and Weight Loss

By now most of us have heard of Metabolic Syndrome, some of us even understand about Insulin Resistance some of you may have even heard about Leptins, but how many of you know whether you have one of these Metabolic Syndromes and how they can affect your life?

Those with the syndrome may manifest the symptoms in different ways, some of us find it hard to lost weight, some of us end up with heart disease, some of us have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, some have chronic fatigue…. This list could go on and on, over the next few posts I plan to tell you more about these syndromes and their effects on your life and what you can do about them. Education is key to preventing the obesity epidemic, and it is key to our survival as a species.

Dr Rosedale is the king of Metabolic Syndrome and knows more about Leptins than you and I would ever want to know, listen to him here as he explains why you and I might be finding it difficult to lose weight, espcially around the tummy. It’s not just how much you eat, you know:

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News Holidays and Retreats

Lots of updates for you today, so let’s get started:


1. balancenoosa is happy to announce that we have a few spots left for our amazing “All About You weekend retreat, and you’re invited! So come on and take a weekend off with nothing more important to do than choose between:

  • having a relaxing massage (aaaahhhh!),
  • a gentle stretch with a yoga or pilates class (mmmmmmhhhh!),
  • a stress release meditation (oooooohhhhhh!),
  • life strategy sessions with a Master of NLP and Coaching, walking through a rainforest high in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with views to forever….
  • or chatting with friends new and old about life, the universe and everything while resting, renewing and rejuvinating your mind, body and spirit with these wonders of nature plus great nutritious, delicious food and high mountain air.

Come on, you know you want to, it’s All About You… and why not bring a partner or a friend with you?

2. Need a holiday? balancenoosa has negotiated the perfect holiday package with Netanya Resort. How would you like to spend 5 days right on beautiful Noosa beach in the gorgeous, luxurious, 5 star, Netanya Resort while enjoying indulgent, decadent massages for two on your balcony overlooking the ocean?

Sounds like the perfect holiday doesn’t it? Well you can with the balancenoosa/Netanya Wellness Package.

The package consists of: 5 days at Netanya, Noosa’s most outstanding beachfront property in your own provate beachfront suite + a luxurious 1 hour massage for two + your choice of one of balancenoosa’s other sessions: pilates, personal training or yoga right in the comfort of your suite. For more information check out the link.

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Coconut Oil: World’s Healthiest Oil

Calicut, KeralaImage via Wikipedia

What do you know about Coconut Oil? Many people including doctors have no idea what health benefits it holds for all of us. Here are just a few facts gleaned from the Coconut Research Centre and other research papers:

The many benefits of coconut oil are finally reaching the mainstream.

Benefits like:

* Promoting your heart health
* Promoting weight loss when and if you need it
* Supporting your immune system health
* Supporting a healthy metabolism
* Providing you with an immediate energy source
* Helping to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking
* Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

Back in the 1940s, farmers found out about this effect by accident when they tried using inexpensive coconut oil to fatten their livestock.

It didn’t work!

Instead, coconut oil made the animals lean, active and hungry.

Now, I know you are not a cow…

However, many animal and human research studies have demonstrated that replacing LCFAs (long chain fatty acids) with MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) results in both decreased body weight and reduced fat deposition.

If you change to using more coconut oil in your diet, you may find yourself gradually losing those unnecessary pounds.

The reasons are simple:

1. The long-chain fats nearly always go to fat storage, while the MCFAs are burned for energy
2. Since coconut oil helps to stimulate your metabolism, you may burn more calories each day, helping to accelerate weight loss (and probably your activity and energy level, too)

Additionally, research has demonstrated that, due to its metabolic effect, coconut oil increases the activity of the thyroid. And you’ve probably heard that a sluggish thyroid is one reason why some people are unable to lose weight, no matter what they do.

Besides weight loss, there are other advantages to boosting your metabolic rate. Your healing process accelerates. Cell regeneration increases to replace old cells, and your immune system functions better overall.

You’ve probably heard that breast milk is jam-packed with nutrients and disease-fighting ingredients that help keep babies healthy.

Well, incredibly, coconut oil contains one of the same compounds — lauric acid — found in mother’s milk! And lauric acid is the predominant type of MCFA found in coconut oil. It is actually quite difficult to find lauric acid in any appreciable amounts in any other food source.

Fortunately for our health, lauric acid in both breast milk and coconut oil transforms when consumed into a substance called monolaurin, the actual compound responsible for helping to strengthen the immune system.

Skeptical? So were a lot of scientists, who’ve proceeded to test the heck out of this substance.

In fact, a great volume of research has been done establishing the ability of lauric acid to enhance immunity.

What researchers found was that this medium-chain fatty acid derivative actually disrupts the lipid (or fatty) membranes of the offending organisms.

The lauric acid in coconut oil is one effortless way to help strengthen your immune system.

If all this wasn’t enough, coconut oil has even more benefits: See the Coconut Research Centre for more a large list of benefits.

Just to get you started, here are a few things you can do with your coconut oil:

* Whenever you fry, stir-fry or sauté veggies, eggs, poultry, fish or whatever, use coconut oil for a health-conscious light flavor
* Toss some coconut oil into your smoothies or juiced drinks for a burst of lauric acid
* Make your own mayonnaise with coconut oil
* Use it on your salads for a tropical flair
* Try it on popcorn instead of butter

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The Difference Between Indian Yoga and Aussie Yoga

Indian Yoga

Australian Yoga

Australian Yoga

You gotta laugh… thanks Helen these are great!! True Aussie humour.

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Smokers Lose 5 Years Off Lifespan

pack warning

Image by kalandrakas via Flickr

I don’t like smoking, ask any of my friends and they will tell you it is true. I hate to breathe in the smoke and I don’t like the smell of it on your breath or your clothes when I give you a kiss or a hug. That being said, I still love my friends and family who do, it is the smoking that worries me not the person. I worry about their health and what smoking might be doing to them and this research article just in, doesn’t help at all…

“The effect of smoking on the chance of dying is similar to the effect of adding five to 10 years of age,” the study said.

“For both men and women, smoking increases the risk of death by nearly the same magnitude as adding five years to a person’s age.”

The figures were derived by compiling death and health risk statistics from various agencies such as the American Cancer Society and National Center for Health Statistics, and were arranged into 10-year risk charts.

“For example, a 55-year-old man who smokes has about the same 10-year risk of death from all causes as a 65-year-old man who never smoked,” it said.

Among women who never smoked, the 10-year risk rates of dying from breast cancer and heart disease were similar until age 60, after which heart disease was the biggest killer.

“For women who currently smoke, the chance of dying from heart disease or lung cancer exceeds the chance of dying from breast cancer from age 40 on.”

The study, which aimed to help doctors convey the risks of smoking, was led by Lisa Schwartz of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Vermont.” (

Now I know that smokers hate being told not to smoke, but I am going to do it anyway. Have you ever thought about how your friends and relatives feel about it, how they might worry themselves sick about you? My gorgeous daughter smoked for 10 years and last year she had her cervix removed, because of cancer. It went from just a warning (during a time when she was ‘quitting’- it did not progress at all) to urgently needing an operation (as soon as she started smoking again) that has got to tell you something. We love you so please stop.

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