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Happy New Year!! Take Some Time Out

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Are you in Noosa or coming to Noosa for the holidays?

Do you live and work here?

Need time to de-stress after Xmas?

Need to get your mind and body ready for the new year ahead?

Research proves that taking time out for yourself is the best way to do, be and give of your best and we all know that the only way to get ahead is to BE, DO and GIVE of your best.

Success is funny thing we are told to work hard, be consistant, work long hours and stay motivated and passionate about your work to be successful, right? What happens when your too tired to stay motivated and passionate? Success can walk right back out your hard working life.

Talk to any successful billionaire they will tell you that they always take the time to unwind, release their stress and stay fit and healthy as their body and mind are their greatest assets.

Not only do we have everything you need to unwind and refresh your body and mind balancenoosa will Come to You, whereever you are home, office or holiday unit. So book your New Years time out and restore your tired mind and body ready to be the greatest success you can be in 2009. Whether you choose a relaxing or therapeutic massage, or to renew your skin with a beauty session or to energise your body with a fitness session our experts will Come to You – go on book your session today (it’s so easy – you can even book online) – you won’t regret it, I promise.

live a balanced life…

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Last Minute Xmas Ideas in Noosa!

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I know! I know! The shops are full, there’s no parking at all and you still have some last minute gifts you really need to buy. What do you do?

Well if you’re in Noosa or know someone who is coming here on holidays in the next few months why not get them a balancenoosa Gift Voucher? Available for immediate download right in your own living room.

We have gift vouchers for all of our ‘Come to You’ sessions and packages and some personal time and care is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Gift Vouchers for Services include:

  • MMMmmmmm Massage: choose from 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minutes of pure relaxation
  • FFFabulous Facial: choose from our Signature Facial (60 minutes) or Mini Facial (30 minutes) exclusive range of organic botanicals to nuture your skin and bring back youthful texture and sheen.
  • BBBeautiful Body Buff: an all over cleanse, scrub and masque leaving your body fresh and wonderfully smooth
  • Hand and Foot Spa’s: Restore youthfullness to your hands or feet with our Hand Bliss hand spa or Feet Treat foot spa or better yet get both!
  • Fitness comes to you: with our range of fitness sessions including: Pilates, Yoga, or Personal Training and your cholice of 60 or 90  minutes sessions.

Packages availabe by Gift Voucher include:

  • Ultimate Body Bliss Package includes: Signature Facial + Full Body Buff + Massage of your choice (Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, remedial, sports)
  • Rejuvenation Package includes: Signature Facial + Massage of your choice
  • ReNu U Package includes: 1 hour fitness session of your choice + Signature Facial + Massage of your choice
  • Cooing Couples Package includes: Signature Facial + Massage of your choice + Foot Pamper + Heavenly Head Massage + Dinner for Two in your own private surroundings prepared by Gourmet Chef.

Gift Vouchers are immediately available for download after purchase and perfect gift giving for all occasions. Show how much you care and value someone this Xmas with a balancenoosa Gift Voucher

MMMmmmmmm….. balancenoosa

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Pregnant? New Research Get Physical!

pregnant silhouette

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Are you pregnant? Have you been told to rest?

New research proves that keeping active is healthier for you and your baby.

“There has been quite a dramatic change in regards to pregnancy and exercise,” said Pivarnik, who has studied the topic for more than 20 years. “While it used to be thought that avoiding exercise meant avoiding harm to the fetus, research now shows physical activity can not only improve health of the mother but also provide potential long-term benefits for the child.”

Specifically, the guidelines call for women to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week during pregnancy and the postpartum period, preferably spread throughout the week. In addition to health benefits, moderate physical activity also may reduce the length of labor, evidence suggests. The guidelines call for women to avoid doing activities that involve lying on their back after the first trimester and activities with high risk of falling or abdominal trauma.

During the postpartum period, regular physical activity continues to benefit a woman’s overall health, according to Pivarnik’s research, by increasing her cardiorespiratory fitness and improving her mood. Physical activity after pregnancy also helps women achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and when combined with appropriate caloric restriction, promotes weight loss.

“In the time I have been performing research on exercise during pregnancy, we have shifted from cautious conservatism to the current guidelines, which encourage women to be active throughout gestation,” Pivarnik said.” Science Daily

So go on, get out and do some exercise, if you are a bit worried about how much is good for you, take a walk on a daily basis, it is still one of the best forms of exercise.

Better yet, try a yoga class or some pilates there are some great classes around, be sure your instructor understands your condition and how to tweak the positions to suit you.

live a balanced life…

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Soothe Your Children With Yoga

Have you ever thought about giving your children some yoga lessons?

Studies have proven that kids who learned and use yoga regularly are calmer, more coordinated and handle day to day stresses better and children can begin at a very young age as the yoga classes are targeted to their age.

Usually tiny ones are encouraged to begin by introducing them to yoga through a Mummy (or Daddy) and baby yoga class and progress from there. Making yoga a game to play children are able to stretch, flex and learn how to lie quietly on the floor during final relaxation.

Studies have proved that kids who do yoga have improved concentration and focus, better self esteem and teenagers who do yoga find that they often lose weight. It can help with ADD symptoms and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Come on get started today, just like a play group, a yoga class can be arranged to suit you and your friends, if you are on the Sunshine Coast give us a call and see what we can arrange for you.

live a balanced life…

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Review: Soulsong Active & Yoga Wear

There is a new range of active and yoga wear onsite, before we put this range of clothing onsite we made

Active & Yoga Wear

Active & Yoga Wear

sure we tried it out, here is our review on Soulsong Active and Yoga Wear:

  • The range is small, but deceptively full as most of the range is stylish enough to be worn anywhere and a few articles, such as the Sariswati range are made from a combination of microfibre lace and Supplex and nice enough to be worn as evening wear.
  • There is a nice range of tops, with cross over and singlet styles ready for your workouts, that can then become a nice top with shorts ready for the beach.
  • I have to say we love the range of pants, with Helen’s favourites being every style with the foldover band. This style is just so flattering to every figure type! It accentuates a tiny waist, while giving extra support to those of us who are not so slim while being just so comfortable to wear. (I am fairly sure Helen is working on owning one in every colour and style before the year is out 🙂
  • The mens range is also we recieved with styles in shirts, shorts and pants lending comfort and style that can be used both during a workout or as nice casual wear perfect for our Aussie summers and laid back lifestyle.
  • The range includes the very smooth Supplex fabric (which has a ”wicking’ feature, drawing moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable during the  toughest workout or hottest day. Or the cotton/lycra range for those who prefer a more natural fabric.

All in all we are very happy with our range of Active and Yoga Wear and hope that you can find the perfect workout or yoga outfit to suit your needs. We would love to have your feedback, so please stop on by and let us know what you think?

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Swing Into Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Swing

Yoga Swing

If you’re not really into exercise, why not take up an exercise that tones your core, strengthens your arms and reeks of glamour. Yoga is fast becoming once again a favourite exercise and the best way to get into yoga is with a yoga swing.

If you are interested in yoga or if you are already involved in yoga, or any other type of exercise for that matter, then you are definitely going to want to at least consider getting one of these swings, because it is going to drastically improve the way that you are able to work out.

You will notice a difference in your exercise routine almost immediately, and so if you have never tried one of these swings before then you should definitely at least give it a chance, and you are sure to love it right from the beginning.

This is the most complete restorative, strength building exercise program to date. By mastering your own specific gravity you are able to build Core Power and perfect balance between each side of the bodies structure.

A Yoga Swing is also great because it provides the option of hanging both forward and backwards during inversion, plus you have the freedom to flex, extend or rotate the trunk while inverted, in order to accomplish stretching, strengthening and joint mobilization of the spine.

Many yogi’s already have their own yoga ropes, however using ropes can result in chaffing and can be uncomfortable, a beautiful yoga swing is the answer, it can double as a hammock, and can be used for inversion therapy which helps to relieve pressure on your spine and internal organs! Regular exercises will also help to eliminate with ease.

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Retreat: Rest, Renew, Restore Yourself

Massage in Frankfurt, GermanyImage via Wikipedia

We work all day, the bills we pay, ain’t it sad….” The world seems once again gripped by Abba fever and never was a truer word spoken than in this song by Abba, “Money, Money, Money.” Don’t you feel that you work all day, day after day without a pause? I know I do.

I was talking with a group of friends over coffee and we all realized that the only ‘holidays’ we had taken in years consisted of going to weddings, funerals and other family gatherings and work seminars and workshops. Now we all know that although many of these things require travel, they are certainly not holidays. The discussion flowed as to what was a real holiday. We all settled in the end after some really hot debate on two things: a cruise with all the benefits and a retreat.

Retreat: to withdraw; to rest; a place of restoration, a place set aside to recuperate, regenerate and revitalize; a haven; a refuge; a sanctuary.

We all felt the same need I know you do, a need to withdraw from the madness of our daily world and take some time to rest in a place where we can regenerate and revitalise our energy levels, our body, and our soul. A place where we can take the time to just breathe. The place where we do this regeneration needs to feel like a haven for our body, a refuge for our soul and a sanctuary from all the pressures we feel in our daily life. A retreat.

Just the words conjure up images and feelings of breathing in and out without feeling stressed, of warm hands massaging away the knots in our body, of sitting still and quiet while the sun shines, leaves rustle and the wind caresses our body as we drink in the stillness. What about you, what does retreat mean to you? Think about it now.

Massage, meditation, laughter, stillness, sanctuary, breath, yoga, pilates, great nutritious food, gentle discussion about life, the universe and everything with new friends, and nothing more important to do than do decide which of these wonders of nature will come first on your agenda for the day. Imagine that….

We need to retreat, regularly. Doing our best means being at our best and the only way to do this is to honour our needs for rest and recuperation. In my life as a naturally practitioner I spent a lot of it advising people to take the time to fill themselves up again or there would be nothing of them left to give. I put it like this: “Imagine you are a jug of water and you kept pouring out your water anywhere that needed it, eventually you would run out of water, unless you replenished it regularly.”

This is exactly what you are, a vessel of energy of various types, emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy and spiritual energy and you keep pouring out your energy into your life, your work and your family and if you do not take the time to fill yourself up again, soon there will be nothing left to give. Many of us are already running on empty, and this means that all the places in your life that need your input are not getting the best you can give.

  • Do you arrive home so tired you cannot have a decent conversation with your children or your significant other?
  • Do you find yourself running on empty around 2.30pm every day?
  • Does your memory fail you just when you need it to be at its best?
  • Do you pray for illness just so you can stay home from work and have a real reason to rest?
  • Do you dream of lying on a beach in the shade with a long cool drink in your hand as you doze, with the sound of waves lapping gently at the sand?

It’s time you thought seriously about recharging your batteries and filling yourself back up again so that you can give the best of yourself without feeling totally run down.

It’s time for a retreat. You know you want to.

When we drain ourselves physically our immune system begins to falter and weaken, we find ourselves ‘catching’ everything that is going around. We also deplete our adrenal gland (the one that helps us handle stress) and this is why we feel so tired around 2.30 in the afternoon. This is called an adrenal low and it is the reason we often crave chocolate or some kind of carbohydrate at this time of day. One way to help you adrenal is to take some vitamin C as the adrenal feeds on Vitamin C, or this is a good time to use a high quality fruit supplement high in Vitamin C and other nutrients to feed our starving adrenal and jump start our energy levels again.

This kind of targeted supplementation will also help your brain to create the connection you need to stay at the top of your game, to win the account or to manage your business efficiently. Knowing when to stop for just five minutes and how to recharge yourself is often a strategic move, when everyone else is faltering you are at the top of your game.

Some holidays like going on a cruise are just that a holiday, but a retreat that is targeted at giving you a total rest and regenerating your energy levels on all levels as well as giving you the skills you need to create those strategic energy lifting moments in your day is often an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life. A retreat that enhances your ability to stay focussed for longer, to know when to use that five minutes to create a space in your day that energises you to go on when everyone else is falling behind, can be the investment that takes you on to success in every part of your life.

Take the time and invest in yourself, ultimate it is you that will take you and your business to success. It makes sense to invest in you, you are your best, essential resource. It all rests with your abilities to see the opportunities that will take you to success, and to create your world around you to best serve your needs.

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Yoga One-On-One Improves Focus

Do you love yoga like I do? When was the last time you took the time to have a one-on-one session to improve your focus, style and form? Never? Yes, that’s what I thought. What about Pilates or fitness training, do you have a personal session regularly to help you improve your form?

I was at a fitness center the other day, watching a few of the patrons work out, and noticed how many of them had poor form. Some were heading for injury as their movements created strain on the body. It got me thinking about my own form, when I do my yoga workout at home, when was the last time I had someone watch me and to gently nudge me into the correct position, or remind me to breathe in the right place for optimum effect, or to isolate and focus on just those muscles?

Arranging for a one-on-one session can be of so much benefit to your workout and to you. You will feel the difference immediately, this is true even if you feel you’re a pro. Many instructors have gone to their teachers and found that certain habits had crept into their style that needed to be weeded out.

At balancenoosa, we will come to you. You can call us and arrange for a one-on-one session right in the comfort of your own home. Why not give us a call today?

Some of the benefits of personal sessions are:

  • improved breathing techniques (breath holding is common when exercising and results in poor oxygenation of the muscles)
  • improved focus (focusing on each move helps to isolate the required muscle groups and the concentration helps to avoid injury)
  • improved relaxation response (when you are able to relax the muscles that are not required, you workout is not so tiring and results in improved energy levels)
  • improved form (your postures and poses are corrected to avoid over strain and injury and to optimize your workout)

Why not arrange for your personal one-on-one session today? It’s as easy as the click of a button.

live a balanced life…

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Menopausal Women Urged to Use Slower Exercise Methods

The tai chi master Yang ChengfuImage via Wikipedia

This interesting article in Science Daily, discusses research that proves that slower resistance training is better for women over 45 for restoring balance, and muscle mass. They talk about a certain type of exercise called ‘Superslow’. But, what I’d like to remind every one is that slow exercise for older people has been around for hundreds of years: Tai Chi has been keeping Chinese people fit for at least that long or longer, Yoga of various forms all over the East has been doing the same thing, whether you use traditional Indian Yoga’s or are like me and use the Tibetan Yoga exercises it all amounts to the same thing. Slow exercise has many merits and now is proven to be more effective for a certain age group than pounding the pavement or sweating in a gym. Come on and check out our Yoga and Pilates private sessions and classes here on the Sunshine Coast here at balancenoosa.

Dr Sänger’s research group has investigated two particular methods of physical training. Hypertrophy resistance training is a traditional approach designed to induce muscle growth whereas ‘SuperSlow®’ is a more recently devised system which involves much slower movement and fewer repetitions of exercises, and was originally introduced especially for beginners and for rehabilitation. “Our results indicate that both methods increase muscle mass at the expense of connective and fatty tissue, but contrary to expectations, the SuperSlow® method appears to have the greatest effect,” reveals Dr Sänger. “These findings will be used to design specific exercise programmes for everyday use to reduce the risk of injury and thus significantly contribute to a better quality of life in old age.”

The study focussed on groups of menopausal women aged 45-55 years, the age group in which muscle deterioration first starts to become apparent. Groups undertook supervised regimes over 12 weeks, based on each of the training methods. To see what effect the exercise had, thigh muscle biopsies were taken at the beginning and end of the regimes, and microscopically analysed to look for changes in the ratio of muscle to fatty and connective tissue, the blood supply to the muscle, and particularly for differences in the muscle cells themselves.

“The results of our experiments have significantly improved our understanding of how muscles respond to different forms of exercise,” asserts Dr Sänger. “We believe that the changes that this new insight can bring to current training systems will have a considerable effect on the lives of both menopausal and older women,” she concludes.

live a balanced life…

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Having Trouble Sleeping – What about using an ancient cure?

Taijiquan in den Wudangbergen (Wudang tai chi chuan)

Image via Wikipedia

Research is proving that using ancient forms of slow exercise can have amazing effects on the elderly. Apparently these ancient forms such as Tai chi, and Yoga (Indian, Tibetan, etc…) all stem from the same source so it doesn’t really matter what form you choose.

Insomnia can be a rel problem as we age, and I personally know many with sleep deprivation from moderate to severe who could really use a good nights sleep. Sleeping is one way our bodies rest and recuperate and we heal 10 x more effeciently at night while asleep than we do during the day. Might we even live longer if we got anough sleep?

These forms of slow exercise are perfect for the elderly according to the research.

Another form of exercise that is also proving exptremely beneficial for the elderly, those who find it difficult to exercise, those who are recuperating from injury or illness (including stroke) and those who want to boost their exercise levels to new heights is Vibration Technology.

Why not find yourself a yoga class or personal instructor or get yourself a vibration platform and get some sleep and stay young?

live a balanced life…

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