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Zeolite Australian Crystalline Detoxifyer

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We learned so much from the wonderful Carol about the amazing Zeotlie that I thought I would share some of it with you. Zeolite for those who do not know is a type of mineral clay found in various parts of the world in the oldest of clay. Here in Australia we are lucky enough to have the oldest continent and therefore the oldes soil, clay, muds and rocks!

This means our Zeolite is the oldest in the world, it is so old that it has had time to turn from just a clay into a crystal. Now we all know that crystals hold information, that is why they are used in computers. The structure of our Aussie Zeolite means it is full of tunnels and surfaces: a tiny spoonful of Aussie Zeolite has enough surfaces (I am told) to cover a football field. This means that the amazing properties of our Zeolite are magnified 1,000’s of times.

What are some of these amazing properties?

  • To hold more of any added healing substances such as herbal extraces, oils, moisture, essences, and antioxidants to allow those healing substances to enter your skin deeply
  • To create a cationic exchange with your skin (makes it go all tingly), as the surfaces detoxify your skin and exchange toxins for healing substances introduced into the clay
  • draws moisture deeply into the skin
  • helps to balance the pH of the skin
  • natural minerals within the zeolite add nutrients to your skin

Now the exciting news is that all our balancenoosa beauty specialists will be using our specially formulated products during all your ‘Come to You’ beauty sessions and we are proud to announce that our products contain this amazing mineral clay. Our new range is not only natural and organic, it is made of the very best ingredients we can source on consultation with an expert.

You can be sure when you book your balancenoosa Beauty sessions that you are recieving the very best products and the very best service. Why not book your session today?

live a balanced life…

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