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Happy New Year!! Take Some Time Out

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Are you in Noosa or coming to Noosa for the holidays?

Do you live and work here?

Need time to de-stress after Xmas?

Need to get your mind and body ready for the new year ahead?

Research proves that taking time out for yourself is the best way to do, be and give of your best and we all know that the only way to get ahead is to BE, DO and GIVE of your best.

Success is funny thing we are told to work hard, be consistant, work long hours and stay motivated and passionate about your work to be successful, right? What happens when your too tired to stay motivated and passionate? Success can walk right back out your hard working life.

Talk to any successful billionaire they will tell you that they always take the time to unwind, release their stress and stay fit and healthy as their body and mind are their greatest assets.

Not only do we have everything you need to unwind and refresh your body and mind balancenoosa will Come to You, whereever you are home, office or holiday unit. So book your New Years time out and restore your tired mind and body ready to be the greatest success you can be in 2009. Whether you choose a relaxing or therapeutic massage, or to renew your skin with a beauty session or to energise your body with a fitness session our experts will Come to You – go on book your session today (it’s so easy – you can even book online) – you won’t regret it, I promise.

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‘Come To You’ Beauty Service Launched in Noosa!

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We had such a great night training our specialists to do the balancenoosa ‘Come to You’ beauty services! The wonderful and amazing Carol came to teach our crew, and everyone benefited from her in depth knowledge and her passion for the products she produces.

Carol is an expert in the Beauty Industry who has spent years in labs around the world, creating and learning about the best natural and organic products and then established herself as the ‘behind the scenes’ creator of many spa and beauty product used in top resort chains, spa’s and beauty products. We are so lucky to have her on board creating our range of amazing and gorgeous beauty and spa products.

We now know just how wonderful balancenoosa’s new range is, when Carol opened the proceedings with a 20 minute talk on what’s in our range of products!

We learned about the amazing Aussie Zeolite – the best in the world because of its crystalline structure.

About the newly found organic preservative now in our products so that we can truly say with complete honesty that our products are not just natural, they are organic!

We also learned about the herbal essences, floral waters and other skin absorbing products in this gorgeous range, and then we got to play! Everyone got to test and try each of the products we will be using in our beauty services and everyone agreed they were indeed amazing.

We even had one lady with extremely sensitive skin and she loved the products too!

All of our specialists will be using this range exclusively for you during your balancenoosa Beauty sessions, and you can be assured of their quality and that they are truly organic right down to the preservative. Carol then did a facial on one lucky participant and we all learned just how to use each of the products to best effect and to leave our clients feeling just so blissful and their skin renewed.

On holiday in Noosa? or thinking of a holiday? We not only have our ‘Come to You’ services we can also offer you accommodation specials through our site, come on by and see what we can do for you. A balancenoosa holiday might just make your year!

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