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Grant Me The Wisdom to Know the Difference


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We have all heard the Serenity Prayer (it is also AA’s credo):

May I continue to strive to maintain the

Serenity to accept the things that I cannot change,

Courage to change the things that can,

and the

Wisdom to know the difference.

This is also in line with a great post by Seth Godin, one of my all time favourites, Do you have 16 boxes. In this post Seth says something that is pertinent in so many ways at the moment. The economic situation is on everyones lips it seems, funnily enough even people with no money to lose are talking about the stock market crash as if they are personally involved and how bad the economy is.

Now, ok, I get it we might be in for some hard times, we might even have to be a little creative and step out of our carefully constructed boxes to maintain an income or dare I say it, prosper. So personally I am going to treat it as an adventure and a dare (finding ways to prosper in the economic downturn).

All I hear though from everyone else is doom and gloom, not helped at all by the media. I’ll let you into a little secret, the media do not believe half of the garbage they sell as news, they use what will sell.

Anyway back to what I am trying to say, and the Serenity Prayer and Seth both say if for me. Instead of dooming a glooming, try asking yourself:

What can I change?

What can I focus on to create an income and to sustain us through this downturn?

What creative ways can I think of to change my life to create flow?

What box can I step out of?

What dream can I finally go for (because I have nothing to hold on to now anyway, I might as well take a risk)?

Go on, I dare you to treat it all as an adventure and a test of your daring, go for it, I know you can!

Negative thoughts create negative well-being and if you are to get through the ‘new depression’ without becoming depressed and creating ill health, you will need to think a little differently.

live a balanced life…

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How To Set Priorities in Your Life

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Love this Lifehack post, all about setting priorities in your life. Do you set priorities? or like many of us do you just roll with the punches and do what’s in front of you?

According to Dustin there are 3 great rules for setting your priorities according to your own way of doing things:

  1. Eat a frog
  2. Move Big rocks
  3. Covey Quadrants

Personally I will often eat a frog for breakfast which is the idea that you get the worst thing in your day out of the way as quickly as possible. The idea is that if you ‘eat a frog’ for breakfast it is the worst thing that can happen to you and now it’s over.

And Yes, I must admit I often ‘move big rocks’, I usually know what my ‘big rocks’ are the night before and I will tackle them by eating my frog first.

But what about Covey quadrants? If you have ever read Stephen Covey’s books you will know what this means, it is similar to combining big rocks with eating a frog, but a whole lot more palatable 🙂

Check out the post here. Back to Basics: Setting Priorities.

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live a balanced life…

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Holiday Healthy Habits

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With holidays all around us at the moment with the long weekends and the school holidays just gone by, it is a great time to remind you what a holiday is. A holiday is a break from routine, from work, from stress it is not meant to be a break from healthy habits.

When you go on holiday do you get back to work needing another holiday because of over-indulgence and over exertion? Or do you take a deliberate break to rest and recuperate? If we indulge too much in fast food we might end up with a intestinal grumblings and actually end up with an energy deficit rather than building more energy. If we then exert ourselves and have lots of energetic fun while we have not fed our bodies enough real nutrition to power that fun, then we can get back on Monday with the equivalent of a holiday ‘hangover.’

When you take your next break, think of indulging yourself in ways that boost your energy and give you back a your motivation to conquer the world. Holidays are a great time to create new habits of health and vitality, book a few sessions with an exercise specialist like a yoga or pilates instructor, or a personal trainer and make sure you use your time away to get back what you have lost while working so hard.

Get onto a good nutritional supplement and create the habit of taking it daily while you have the time to remind yourself. Your body and your family and your boss will all benefit from your taking time to look after yourself. Who knows what might happen if you have the extra energy creating these new healthy habits will give you. You just might get that promotion you wanted, or perhaps start your own business with that idea that has been simmering at the back of your mind all this time, or you might just decide to start thinking like a successful entrepreneur and end up as wealthy and successful as Richard Branson or Donald Trump.

balance your life, today.

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