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New Healthy Food Pyramid Much More on Track

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Yes, there is finally a new healthy food pyramid and it is much more on track with what hundreds of good nutritionists have been saying for years. My e-Book “A Rainbow on My Plate” has just the same ethos as they do and will give you a total overview of how to put a healthy food lifestyle into place. Perhaps now the doctors and govenment health programs will get on track themselves and the public will finally listen!

“The Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has relaunched its Web site, The Nutrition Source .

One of the highlights of the improved site is a freely downloadable version of the Healthy Eating Pyramid, built by nutrition faculty at the School, which should appeal to educators and health professionals as well as institutions such as schools and hospitals.” Physorg

Healthy eating is about balance, cut right down on the starchy carbs and eat more vegetables, fruit and good quality protein and oils (Yes, oils are good for you) and get some regular exercise and joy into your life and life long and happy.

live a balanced life…

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‘balanced’ Kids Take Life in Stride

childrens yoga for stress reliefKids these days are often subject to a lot more stress than we had when we were young, my little granddaughter who just turned 10 tells me that her ‘friend’ at school just called her FAT, even though she is the skinniest child I have ever seen. The word ‘fat’ it seems is now a useful 4-letter word and is now a way to abuse another person even though it is obviously not an accurate description.

What can we do to help other than the obvious, “just ignore it, it isn’t true” or complaining to the teacher, school or mother? We need to give kids stress relieving strategies, ways to turn off the tension in their little shoulders and calm their minds. Children’s Yoga might just be an answer for your stressed out kids and teens.

Here are some ideas to go on with:

  • encourage your children or teens to try Yoga classes they are a mixture of fun, exercise and meditation geared just for their age-group
  • encourage physical activity of any sort as long as it is safe
  • help your child create a ‘family’ of positive people
  • use and encourage your children to laugh and play more (at life)
  • teach kids positive thinking skills or find someone who can (sit in on the lessons)
  • let them cry if they need to it can be a great stress reliever
  • have fun every day (find an excuse if you need to)
  • practice being an optimist and have them come along for the ride

balance your (and your kids) life today

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