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Lots of updates for you today, so let’s get started:


1. balancenoosa is happy to announce that we have a few spots left for our amazing “All About You weekend retreat, and you’re invited! So come on and take a weekend off with nothing more important to do than choose between:

  • having a relaxing massage (aaaahhhh!),
  • a gentle stretch with a yoga or pilates class (mmmmmmhhhh!),
  • a stress release meditation (oooooohhhhhh!),
  • life strategy sessions with a Master of NLP and Coaching, walking through a rainforest high in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with views to forever….
  • or chatting with friends new and old about life, the universe and everything while resting, renewing and rejuvinating your mind, body and spirit with these wonders of nature plus great nutritious, delicious food and high mountain air.

Come on, you know you want to, it’s All About You… and why not bring a partner or a friend with you?

2. Need a holiday? balancenoosa has negotiated the perfect holiday package with Netanya Resort. How would you like to spend 5 days right on beautiful Noosa beach in the gorgeous, luxurious, 5 star, Netanya Resort while enjoying indulgent, decadent massages for two on your balcony overlooking the ocean?

Sounds like the perfect holiday doesn’t it? Well you can with the balancenoosa/Netanya Wellness Package.

The package consists of: 5 days at Netanya, Noosa’s most outstanding beachfront property in your own provate beachfront suite + a luxurious 1 hour massage for two + your choice of one of balancenoosa’s other sessions: pilates, personal training or yoga right in the comfort of your suite. For more information check out the link.

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Retreat: Rest, Renew, Restore Yourself

Massage in Frankfurt, GermanyImage via Wikipedia

We work all day, the bills we pay, ain’t it sad….” The world seems once again gripped by Abba fever and never was a truer word spoken than in this song by Abba, “Money, Money, Money.” Don’t you feel that you work all day, day after day without a pause? I know I do.

I was talking with a group of friends over coffee and we all realized that the only ‘holidays’ we had taken in years consisted of going to weddings, funerals and other family gatherings and work seminars and workshops. Now we all know that although many of these things require travel, they are certainly not holidays. The discussion flowed as to what was a real holiday. We all settled in the end after some really hot debate on two things: a cruise with all the benefits and a retreat.

Retreat: to withdraw; to rest; a place of restoration, a place set aside to recuperate, regenerate and revitalize; a haven; a refuge; a sanctuary.

We all felt the same need I know you do, a need to withdraw from the madness of our daily world and take some time to rest in a place where we can regenerate and revitalise our energy levels, our body, and our soul. A place where we can take the time to just breathe. The place where we do this regeneration needs to feel like a haven for our body, a refuge for our soul and a sanctuary from all the pressures we feel in our daily life. A retreat.

Just the words conjure up images and feelings of breathing in and out without feeling stressed, of warm hands massaging away the knots in our body, of sitting still and quiet while the sun shines, leaves rustle and the wind caresses our body as we drink in the stillness. What about you, what does retreat mean to you? Think about it now.

Massage, meditation, laughter, stillness, sanctuary, breath, yoga, pilates, great nutritious food, gentle discussion about life, the universe and everything with new friends, and nothing more important to do than do decide which of these wonders of nature will come first on your agenda for the day. Imagine that….

We need to retreat, regularly. Doing our best means being at our best and the only way to do this is to honour our needs for rest and recuperation. In my life as a naturally practitioner I spent a lot of it advising people to take the time to fill themselves up again or there would be nothing of them left to give. I put it like this: “Imagine you are a jug of water and you kept pouring out your water anywhere that needed it, eventually you would run out of water, unless you replenished it regularly.”

This is exactly what you are, a vessel of energy of various types, emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy and spiritual energy and you keep pouring out your energy into your life, your work and your family and if you do not take the time to fill yourself up again, soon there will be nothing left to give. Many of us are already running on empty, and this means that all the places in your life that need your input are not getting the best you can give.

  • Do you arrive home so tired you cannot have a decent conversation with your children or your significant other?
  • Do you find yourself running on empty around 2.30pm every day?
  • Does your memory fail you just when you need it to be at its best?
  • Do you pray for illness just so you can stay home from work and have a real reason to rest?
  • Do you dream of lying on a beach in the shade with a long cool drink in your hand as you doze, with the sound of waves lapping gently at the sand?

It’s time you thought seriously about recharging your batteries and filling yourself back up again so that you can give the best of yourself without feeling totally run down.

It’s time for a retreat. You know you want to.

When we drain ourselves physically our immune system begins to falter and weaken, we find ourselves ‘catching’ everything that is going around. We also deplete our adrenal gland (the one that helps us handle stress) and this is why we feel so tired around 2.30 in the afternoon. This is called an adrenal low and it is the reason we often crave chocolate or some kind of carbohydrate at this time of day. One way to help you adrenal is to take some vitamin C as the adrenal feeds on Vitamin C, or this is a good time to use a high quality fruit supplement high in Vitamin C and other nutrients to feed our starving adrenal and jump start our energy levels again.

This kind of targeted supplementation will also help your brain to create the connection you need to stay at the top of your game, to win the account or to manage your business efficiently. Knowing when to stop for just five minutes and how to recharge yourself is often a strategic move, when everyone else is faltering you are at the top of your game.

Some holidays like going on a cruise are just that a holiday, but a retreat that is targeted at giving you a total rest and regenerating your energy levels on all levels as well as giving you the skills you need to create those strategic energy lifting moments in your day is often an investment that pays dividends for the rest of your life. A retreat that enhances your ability to stay focussed for longer, to know when to use that five minutes to create a space in your day that energises you to go on when everyone else is falling behind, can be the investment that takes you on to success in every part of your life.

Take the time and invest in yourself, ultimate it is you that will take you and your business to success. It makes sense to invest in you, you are your best, essential resource. It all rests with your abilities to see the opportunities that will take you to success, and to create your world around you to best serve your needs.

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Relaxation Proved to Influence Disease States in Healthy Ways

We all know that some R & R is good for us, but researchers have proved that even when we have diseases that are resistant to healing  relaxation is one of the better ways to manage it.

A “collaborative investigation by members of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Genomics Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) appears in the open-access journal PLoS One.” (Physorg)

The research proves that what ever you use to relax into deep relaxation, whether it is meditation, yoga, tai chi, sitting at the beach etc.. it can alter the gene expression of your disease and this “nonpharmacological intervention help patients deal with disorders ranging from high blood pressure, to pain syndromes, to infertility, to rheumatoid arthritis? That question may have been answered by a study finding that eliciting the relaxation response – a physiologic state of deep rest – influences the activation patterns of genes associated with the body’s response to stress.”

It might be time to think about getting some much needed R & R! Would you like to

  • reduce your pain levels,
  • reduce your high blood pressure,
  • reduce your inflammation
  • reduce your stress levels

and even

  • increase your ability to handle stress in your life
  • increase your energy levels
  • wake feeling refreshed and ready for your day
  • increase your heart health
  • increase your cognitive abilities (brain health)

We just might have an answer for you: balancenoosa will be announcing our

“YOU! MeTime” Wellness Weekend set for the end of October this year. Stay tuned for more information coming soon. This will be a weekend all about YOU, and numbers will be necessarily limited. Can you imagine yourself: being pampered all weekend, with beauty treatments, massage, yoga and pilates classes, meditation, and seminars all for you and about you? go on… imagine it, right now…. that’s right.

We will be announcing the venue and dates very soon, so keep an eye out for the announcment so you don’t miss out. It’s going to be amazing!

live a balanced life…

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