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10 Reasons To Go Organic With Your Skin Care

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It’s a shame to have to let you in on skin cares dirty little secret, BUT most skin care that is labelled organic or natural – ISN’T! The terms natural and organic are often (more often than not) misleading, in Australia and the US a product only needs to be 5% natural to be called ‘natural’ and they don’t even police the word organic.

So  why do you care? Here are some reasons why:

  1. Your skin is your largest organ (yes it is an organ) it is meant to act as a barrier that helps to keep our other organs safely on the inside and dirt and other foreign matter out. However it is not plastic and therefore not waterproof: skin breathes or we would actually suffocate, it absorbs things like water and products we put on our skin – are there would be no point putting anything on our skin. So with this in mind lets’ look at some more reasons to go organic.
  2. Organic and natural products (the real ones) have no nasty petrochemicals such as mineral oils, sodium laurel and laureth sulphate, propolene glycol (anti-freeze) etc.. these ingredients are potentially toxic and all petrochemicals are mistaken by the body as estrogens and we wonder why we are having so many menopausal symptoms and cancers are on the rise. Estrogen overload from xeno (foreign) estrogens is one of the majoy causes.
  3. It has been estimated that the average women puts over 200 chemicals onto her skin every day, over 60% of which are absorbed into the bloodstream and many of these are known to be carcinogenic, neurotoxic and hormone disruptors. This includes shampoo’s, conditioners, antipersperants, skin care products, and makeup. Your skin is an organ, can you imagine painting your heart or your liver with petrochemicals and expecting it to be healthy?
  4. Organic products contain natural ingredients similar to those our own body produces to keep us healthy and supple and that goes for our skin as well. Your skin will recognise those ingredients as welcome and use them to integrate with its own useful measures to keep your skin looking younger. Cleopatra bathed in milk, it was her big secret,
  5. Natural, organic products are more ‘active’ they often contain up to 95% active ingredients (excluding water) rather than the usual 5% active ingredients in a 95% intert base found in most everyday personal and skin care products.
  6. Natural, organic products contain antioxidants, amino acids, botanical extracts, pure essential oils, fatty acids, clays, floral extracts and more that promote healthy skin by enriching it from the outside in, in a form that is more compatible with our bodies.
  7. They not tested on animals _ there is no need to.
  8. Natural. organic products are environmentally friendly as many of the products found in your skin care are toxic to the environment as well as toxic to you. Many of those ingredients are washing down our drains, into our oceans, farms, water supplies and back into our bodies recycling those toxins over and over again.
  9. Organic products have been grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers  and this means you are not only helping your skin and your health by avoiding them, the ripple effect is that you are encouraging earth safe farming practices by choosing organic and helping to prevent more toxic buildup in our dump sites.
  10. Last but by no means least – you are going to have much younger looking skin and save the planet at the same time. You just might avoid becoming unhealthy because of your skin care products, including lesening your risk of rashes, excema, asthma, cancer etc… All the while feeding your skin with beautiful emollients, floral waters, herbal waters, lipids and fatty acids, minerals and clays that your make your skin glow and feel amazing!

balancenoosa’s range of skin care is totally organic and natural in every sense of the word, we have sourced products and advice from a top skin care expert who specialises in organic products and even out preservative is organic and natural so you can be sure when you book your facial or other beauty services with us while on holiday in Noosa, you will only be getting the best nature can provide.

live a balanced life…

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Fountain of Youth Found in Marine Collagen

You and I know that from about the age of 25 our skin begins to break down, what exactly is breaking down, collagencausing wrinkles, lines and a loss of the plumpness associated with younger skin?

It is collagen, yes I know you’ve heard of collagen bring injected into lines and lips to plump them up, the reason is that it is the most abundant form of protien found in human tissue. Collagen is what gives young skin it’s plumpness, smoothness and refresh rate. Your skin refreshes itself regularly as old skin cells are shed and new ones brought up from underneath, this is one of the points of exfoliation, to bring up the newer skin cells from below and slough of the old ones from on top.

So without painful injections how can we renew the collagen?

Bio-marine collagen is made up of amino acids, which are the key building blocks of skin collagen. As marine collagen has a similar structure to human collagen, it can be applied to the skin directly to replenish and support the skin’s own collagen supply, studies have shown can help maintain skin thickness and protect against the damaging effects of photo aging.

balancenoosa’s new beauty range is filled with natural, organic products including marine collagen and zeolite to renew, refresh and restore youthfulness to your skin. Why not try one of our balancenoosa Signature Facials today, we also supply product for those wishing to continue to use the beautiful range we have had developed just for you.

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Do You Know What’s In Your Skin Care?

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Many expensive, not so expensive and ‘natural’ skin care products still contain ingredients that are harmful over the long term, can cause immediate rashes, hives and allergic reactions in the short term and are just plain dangerous.

Do you know what’s in your skin care?

Go on take a look at the side of the pack at the ingredient list, if your skin care contains any of the following, perhaps you might want to rethink what you’re using:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALES), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Cocoyl Sarcosinate, Potassium Coco Hydrolysed Collage, TEA (Triethanolamine) Lauryl Sulfate, TEA (Triethanolamine) Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl or Cocoyl Sarcosine, Disodium Oleamide Sulfosuccinate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Disodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate etc

These are anionic surfactants which refers to the negative charge these surfactants have. They may be contaminated with nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. Surfactants can pose serious health threats. They are used in car washes, as garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers – and in 90% of personal-care products that foam.

  • DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), & TEA (triethanolamine)

Often used in cosmetics to adjust the pH, and used with many fatty acids to convert acid to salt (stearate), which then becomes the base for a cleanser. TEA causes allergic reactions including eye problems, dryness of hair and skin, and could be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time.

These chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic effects. Dr. Samuel Epstein (Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Illinois) says that repeated skin applications . . . of DEA-based detergents resulted in a major increase in the incidence of liver and kidney cancer.

From Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):
Health Hazard Acute And Chronic: Product is severely irritating to body tissues and possibly corrosive to the eyes.

Explanation Carcinogenicity: Amines react with nitrosating agents to form nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic.

  • Mineral Oil

Petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. Interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. Used in many products (baby oil is 100% mineral oil!) Any mineral oil derivative can be contaminated with cancer causing PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap.

* Mineral oil
* Liquidum paraffinum (also known as posh mineral oil!)
* Paraffin oil
* Paraffin wax
* Petrolatum

These are just a few of the toxic ingredients found in many skin care ranges, shampoos and makeup there are many more, choose organic, natural and read the ingredient list for yourself. Long term exposure on the delicate tissues of the face, underarms, and scalp can result in longterm health challenges. Be sure your getting the best for your skin care and your health when choosing your skin and personal care products.

live a balanced life…

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Zeolite Australian Crystalline Detoxifyer

X-ray crystal structure of a zeolite, an alumi...

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We learned so much from the wonderful Carol about the amazing Zeotlie that I thought I would share some of it with you. Zeolite for those who do not know is a type of mineral clay found in various parts of the world in the oldest of clay. Here in Australia we are lucky enough to have the oldest continent and therefore the oldes soil, clay, muds and rocks!

This means our Zeolite is the oldest in the world, it is so old that it has had time to turn from just a clay into a crystal. Now we all know that crystals hold information, that is why they are used in computers. The structure of our Aussie Zeolite means it is full of tunnels and surfaces: a tiny spoonful of Aussie Zeolite has enough surfaces (I am told) to cover a football field. This means that the amazing properties of our Zeolite are magnified 1,000’s of times.

What are some of these amazing properties?

  • To hold more of any added healing substances such as herbal extraces, oils, moisture, essences, and antioxidants to allow those healing substances to enter your skin deeply
  • To create a cationic exchange with your skin (makes it go all tingly), as the surfaces detoxify your skin and exchange toxins for healing substances introduced into the clay
  • draws moisture deeply into the skin
  • helps to balance the pH of the skin
  • natural minerals within the zeolite add nutrients to your skin

Now the exciting news is that all our balancenoosa beauty specialists will be using our specially formulated products during all your ‘Come to You’ beauty sessions and we are proud to announce that our products contain this amazing mineral clay. Our new range is not only natural and organic, it is made of the very best ingredients we can source on consultation with an expert.

You can be sure when you book your balancenoosa Beauty sessions that you are recieving the very best products and the very best service. Why not book your session today?

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‘Come To You’ Beauty Service Launched in Noosa!

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We had such a great night training our specialists to do the balancenoosa ‘Come to You’ beauty services! The wonderful and amazing Carol came to teach our crew, and everyone benefited from her in depth knowledge and her passion for the products she produces.

Carol is an expert in the Beauty Industry who has spent years in labs around the world, creating and learning about the best natural and organic products and then established herself as the ‘behind the scenes’ creator of many spa and beauty product used in top resort chains, spa’s and beauty products. We are so lucky to have her on board creating our range of amazing and gorgeous beauty and spa products.

We now know just how wonderful balancenoosa’s new range is, when Carol opened the proceedings with a 20 minute talk on what’s in our range of products!

We learned about the amazing Aussie Zeolite – the best in the world because of its crystalline structure.

About the newly found organic preservative now in our products so that we can truly say with complete honesty that our products are not just natural, they are organic!

We also learned about the herbal essences, floral waters and other skin absorbing products in this gorgeous range, and then we got to play! Everyone got to test and try each of the products we will be using in our beauty services and everyone agreed they were indeed amazing.

We even had one lady with extremely sensitive skin and she loved the products too!

All of our specialists will be using this range exclusively for you during your balancenoosa Beauty sessions, and you can be assured of their quality and that they are truly organic right down to the preservative. Carol then did a facial on one lucky participant and we all learned just how to use each of the products to best effect and to leave our clients feeling just so blissful and their skin renewed.

On holiday in Noosa? or thinking of a holiday? We not only have our ‘Come to You’ services we can also offer you accommodation specials through our site, come on by and see what we can do for you. A balancenoosa holiday might just make your year!

balance your life…

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