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Yoga Keeps Older Women Standing Tall

A nine week study into the effects of regular yoga practice on older women has concluded that after nine weeks it added, on averageĀ 1 centimetre to their stature. While past studies have investigated yoga for helping to improve balance in elderly women, they have not investigated its effects on posture or stature.

Perhaps this is one way to help reverse osteoporosis along with a good calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D intake. The type of yoga used in this study was Iyengar, and the researchers one of whom is a certified yoga instructor worked with BKS iyengar, the originator of Iyengar Yoga, to develop a program specifically designed for older people.

The results were nothing short of amazing, after the program of nine weeks the women aged from 24 to 65 walked faster, used longer strides, and could stand for a longer time on one leg. The also felt more confident in their ability to balance while standing and walking.

While the women had been balancing their weight on the ball of their feet before the yoga, afterwards their weight was more evenly distributed across the bottom of their feet as they walked leading to greater stability. (Rueters 2008)

So get into yoga girls and stride into old age with a smile on your face.

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