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Prevent Colds and Flu s With Quercetin

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This study has found that mice and people who pick up more colds and ‘flu’s because they exercise to stress raising levels and took quercetin were much less likely to come down with a virus.

“Mice given quercetin, a naturally occurring substance found in fruits and vegetables, were less likely to contract the flu, according to a study published by The American Physiological Society. The study also found that stressful exercise increased the susceptibility of mice to the flu, but quercetin canceled out that negative effect.

“Quercetin was used because of its documented widespread health benefits, which include antiviral activity, abundance in the diet and reported lack of side effects when used as a dietary supplement or food additive,” Davis said.

Although this study was done with mice, a recent human study found that people who took quercetin suffered fewer illnesses following three days of exhaustive exercise compared to those who did not. Unlike the mouse study, the humans were not inoculated with a virus.

“This is the first controlled experimental study to show a benefit of short-term quercetin feedings on susceptibility to respiratory infection following exercise stress,” said Davis. “Quercetin feeding was an effective preventive strategy to offset the increase in susceptibility to infection that was associated with stressful exercise.”, Science Centric News

But what is Quercetin?

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant. It is also a natural anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory. Research shows that quercetin may help to prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.

Why use it?

According to Quercetin’s antihistamine action may help to relieve allergic symptoms and asthma symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties may help to reduce pain from disorders such as arthritis. Men who are concerned about prostate problems would also benefit from quercetin. Quercetin may also help reduce symptoms like fatigue, depression and anxiety.

and to Quercetin has many health promoting effects, including improvement of cardiovascular health, reducing risk for cancer. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. All these activities are caused by the strong antioxidant action of quercetin. It will help to combat free radicals molecules, which can damage cells.

As many other flavonoids, quercetin prevents the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. The anti-inflammatory action of quercetin is caused by the inhibition of enzymes, such as lipoxygenase, and the inhibition of inflammatory mediators. Quercetin also inhibits the release of histamine, which causes congestion, by basophils and mast cells.
Studies have shown that quercetin reduces the cancer risk of prostate, ovary, breast, gastric and colon cells.
Quercetin also seems to reduce the production of uric acid, by inhibiting the xanthine oxidase, thereby easing gout symptoms. Studies have shown an improved lung function and lower risk of certain respiratory diseases (asthma and bronchitis) for people with high apple (rich in quercetin) intake.

So check it out and see what we mean, Quercetin is also the subject of some pretty amazing research and even coming to the attention of doctors for it’s amazing properties. After all we are all becoming immune to many antibiotics.

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Holiday Healthy Habits

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With holidays all around us at the moment with the long weekends and the school holidays just gone by, it is a great time to remind you what a holiday is. A holiday is a break from routine, from work, from stress it is not meant to be a break from healthy habits.

When you go on holiday do you get back to work needing another holiday because of over-indulgence and over exertion? Or do you take a deliberate break to rest and recuperate? If we indulge too much in fast food we might end up with a intestinal grumblings and actually end up with an energy deficit rather than building more energy. If we then exert ourselves and have lots of energetic fun while we have not fed our bodies enough real nutrition to power that fun, then we can get back on Monday with the equivalent of a holiday ‘hangover.’

When you take your next break, think of indulging yourself in ways that boost your energy and give you back a your motivation to conquer the world. Holidays are a great time to create new habits of health and vitality, book a few sessions with an exercise specialist like a yoga or pilates instructor, or a personal trainer and make sure you use your time away to get back what you have lost while working so hard.

Get onto a good nutritional supplement and create the habit of taking it daily while you have the time to remind yourself. Your body and your family and your boss will all benefit from your taking time to look after yourself. Who knows what might happen if you have the extra energy creating these new healthy habits will give you. You just might get that promotion you wanted, or perhaps start your own business with that idea that has been simmering at the back of your mind all this time, or you might just decide to start thinking like a successful entrepreneur and end up as wealthy and successful as Richard Branson or Donald Trump.

balance your life, today.

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