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Fluoride Danger In Qld As Of Today

Yes, after years of being protected against added fluoride in our water supply, as of December 1st we are now being poisoned in our drinking water. Do you really believe the TV ads and other propaganda that is telling you how safe and healthy it is for you?

Here are a few statistics to try on for size:

  • 1 teaspoonful can kill 70kg adult
  • DiSodium HexaFluofosilicate has been linked to – Brain Damage – DIminishes IQ in Children – Cancer

For more information watch this video:

  • Chronic administration of aluminium-fluoride or sodium-fluoride to rats in drinking water: alterations to neuronal and cerebrovascular integrity: Julie A. Verner, Karl F. Jensen, William Horvath, Robert L. Isaacson, Brain Research, Vol. 784:1998, Elsevier Science.
  • The National Cancer Institute study found that as exposure to Fluorosilic Acid increases, so does the incidence of oral cancer; sometimes as much as a 50% increase in oral cancer rates occur in those  areas – this translates to 8,000 new cases of oral and pharyngeal cancer per year, needless pain and suffering and a financial windfall to the medical and pharmaceutical factions that concern themselves with treatment.
    1988  Researchers  at the  Argonne  National  Laboratory discover  that  NaHFSA promotes and  enhances  the  carcinogenicity  of  other  cancer-causing   chemicals  in  the   food  and environment.  Interestingly, this  work  confirmed  studies  sponsored  by the  United States  National  Cancer Institute conducted  back in 1963 by  Herskowitz  and  Norton at  Saint  Louis University.

    More  than  30  years  ago, these  scientists  showed  that  low  levels  of  NaHFSA  Sodium Fluorosilic Acid increased the incidence of melanotic tumors in living organisms from 12 to 100% – often these tumors  were  induced by  NaHFSA  over  a  period  of  days.  These  studies  were   further  amplified  by  work  done  by  the  Taylor’s  at  the University of Texas  which  found  that 1 ppm NaHFSA Sodium Fluorosilic Acid in drinking water increased tumor growth rate in mice by 25%.

    1987 Research is conducted at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in England which indicates that  NaHFSA – Fluorosilic Acid – cause genetic damage in human blood cells..

  • According  to  eleven  thousand   scientists   including  world  renowned  Professor  Paul  Connett  and   Dr   Hardy  Limeback,  adviser  to   the  Canadian   Government, the  constituents  of S7 Poison Industrial Fertiliser Toxic Waste Sodium Fluoride contains a cocktail of nasties, which are deadly toxic to Infants, Children, Kidney or Thyroid  sufferers to name a few, it also contains, arsenic, cadmium, barium and lead, We   have   discovered   that  the  Sodium  Fluoride  intended  for  the  Queenslands  Water is actually  a Waste  Product   from  a  Phosphate  Fertiliser  Works  possibly  coming   from Belgium and or Japan,   countries  that   have  banned  all  Fluoridation  bases  on  the available International Research. It is interesting to note that almost every country in Europe has also banned  S7 Poison Industrial Fertiliser Toxic Waste Sodium Fluoride and products containing it. Watch this video fore more info:

Where do they get this stuff they are putting in our water??

Fluoridation, laundry sours, opalescent glass, metallurgy (aluminium and beryllium), vitreous enamel frits, insecticides and rodenticides, chemical intermediate, glue, leather and wood preservative, moth repellent, manufacture of pure silicon.

DANGER! Never add water to this substance.
This product has a UN classification of 2674 and a Dangerous Goods Class 6.1 (Toxic) according to The Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods By Road and Rail.

Toxic if swallowed! Severe exposure from ingestion may result in muscular weakness, tremors, convulsions, collapse, dyspnea, cardiac failure and death.

Thank you to the Gold Coast Water Watch for this information on Flouride


FROM: “National Fluoridation News” XXII (Jan-March 1976) p. 2:
Child poisoned by fluoride
My husband and I have agreed on writing this letter in the hope that it may prevent someone going through the experience we suffered in May 1973.
In July 1970 we were told by our doctor that we were going to have a baby. In my first visit to the Hospital for a check-up in October, I was told by the Matron to start taking fluoride tablets for the benefit of the baby. I did so until the 20th of February 1971 when our first child, Jason, was born.
When he was one year oild the welfare clinic told me to start giving him 1/2 of a fluoride tablet per day. I did so for 15 months. When he was 27 months old he got hold of the fluoride tablets, and at the time I didn´t know how many he had eaten, but I knew it wasn´t many.
I took him to the doctor straight away and he gave our son a stomach pump treatment. The doctor told me he could only find four tablets in his stomach. I was told to take him home and he would sleep for a while, but he would be okay when he woke up. This was at 2:00 P.M.
At 5:30 P.M. I realized that something was wrong, as I couldn´t wake him. I rang the doctor and was advised to take him back to the surgery. The doctor saw him staright away and told me to take him to the maternity hospital. As we arrived he was still unconscious and he stopped breathing. The doctor put him in a respirator immediately.
The doctor and the nurses didn´t believe that he could be so ill from taking fluoride tablets until they did some test on him. They told us it would take 200 to 500 tablets to make him so sick. There were less than 100 tablets in the bottle before he touched it.
On May 15th, five days after admission, Jason passed away. The doctor verified that his brain, due to fluoride poisoning, was completely dead.
We have now two children. They have never or will never receive fluoride tablets from us.
We are completely against fluoridation of drinking water and we hope that this letter will help stop such a thing from happening.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Burton

Kirkdale, Brisbane

Queensland, Australia

Fluoride (SEDA-3, 399)
At least three fatalities have occurred due to the fact that the toxicity of fluoride is often underestimated. One case report may be cited.
A boy aged 27 months swallowed an unknown quantity of fluoride tablets containing 0.5 mg each. As the bottle contained less than 100 tablets, the unconscious child was sent home after a gastric lavage yielding 4 (!) tablets only, with the assurance to the parents that no risk existed. Three and a half hours later respiratory failure began to develop and the child was hospitalized; he died five days later. Even at the hospital the parents were told that 200 to 500 tablets would be required to endanger the child.
5 – 10 g of fluoride are commonly considered to comprise the acute lethal dose; the child in question had received less than 50 mg, which suggests an enormous difference between the supposed and actual lethal dose, even allowing for the age of the victim. It is true that the mother had received fluoride during pregnancy and that the child had received 0.5 mg daily for 15 months before the incident occurred but one must wonder whether the chronic load could have been sufficient to lower the acute lethal dose so drastically. This overdosage risk must be added to known risks attributable to fluoride in normal doses (i. e. gastrointestinal bleeding and atopic dermatitis) (33 c)


“The Registration of Births, deaths and Marriages Acts, 1962 to 1967″

(Section 31)


(Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death)

To the Registrar for the District of BRISBANE
I HEREBY CERTIFY that on 16th May, 1973, by order of W. R. PULLAR Esq., Coroner, I made a Post Mortem Examination of the body of a male aged 2 years, named JASON BURTON who is stated to have died at Mater Childrens Hospital and, in my opinion, the date of death was 15th May, 1973, and the cause of death was
Disease or condition directly leading to death :… Fluoride poisoning
Dated… 16.5. 1973 ………………………………………..N. G. Johnston (Government Medical Officer)



21st June 1973

ADDRESS………16 Hardwick S t.,……………………………………………………
………………………Wynnum West……………………………………………………….
REFERRING DOCTOR………..Hansen…………………………………………….
FINAL DIAGNOSIS…………….Flouride Ingestion……………………………..
This child was admitted to hospital via casualty in a moribund condition.
The child was said to have swallowed an unknown quantity of flouride tablets (2 mg). but more than likely he would not have swallowed more than 50 tablets. This was said to have happened approximately 6 hours prior to admission. The child did have access to several other drugs. These drugs included Polarmine, Elexamine, Robinul and Dormel. However, it was unlikely that he may have swallowed any of these other tablets.
On EXAMINATION: Blood pressure 50 systolic and there was only fair peripheral perfusion. The pupils were dilated, unequal and irregular.There was generalized muscular hypotonia. There were no focal neurological signs. The pulse was 100 per minute, regular R.T.A.and there was normal sinus rythym on E.C.G. Immediate treatment was instuited with the administration of I.V. SPPS. This bought his blood pressure back to 100/systolic. As the child had had an respiratory arrest five minutes after arrival in the casualty dept, he was taken to theatre and a naso-tracheal tube was inserted. The patient was then placed on the Bird´s respirator with intermittent positive pressure respiration. Very intensive observations were instuited. Because his presentation was consistent to a flouride intoxication he was treated accordingly. He was given doses of 10% calcium gluconate I.V. Blood was taken for analysis of the most common poisons, and a sample of blood was also sent to a state government analysist for estimation of serum flouride.Over the next few days this patient made no improvement whatsoever. E.E.G. was performed on 14.5.73. The trace was completely flat. It was thought the prognosis was absolutely hopeless. The respirator was turned off 15.5.73 and life was pronounced extinct.
The level of serum flouride, although it was elevated was not regarded as being in the toxic range. However, the sample of blood had been taken approximately 10 hours after ingestion.
S. Fluoride level <100 µg/100 ml (Toxicity levels 200-300 µg)

Think about what they are putting in your water and then ask yourself, is this all? What other decisions about our health are they going to make without consulting us?

Live a balanced life…


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8 Tips To Help You Spring Into Summer

Spring is here and Summer is right on our doorstep. It’s time to spring clean your body ready for the beach and those summer shorts!

  1. Detox: spring cleaning for your body an internal cleanse will have your looking great and feeling better. A good detox plan involves a good intestinal cleanse, while helping the liver to eliminate toxins from your body. A good detox can be as simple as a weekend on restful, vegetarian food while cutting out the coffee and using some herbal teas to cleanse the liver. Detoxing can help to reduce or even eliminate symptoms such as fatigue, digestive problems, cellulite, bad breath, poor concentration, bloating, skin problems, weight gain, and much more.
  2. Moisterise, Moisturise and Moisturise some more: Keep your skin moist is not just for summer! Often the dryest weather is in fact in winter when the air is full of electricity and your lips chap. Apply moisteriser often, more than once a day if necessary especially if you are working in an airconditioned building. Apply directly after your warm shower to trap the water from your shower, under the skin for best effect. Use an light oil at night for luxuriously velvety skin in the morning.
  3. Drink Water: 8 – 10 glasses (1.5 to 2 litres) per day to keep your skin and body hydrated. many of those headache and fatigue symptoms are your body crying out for water. Our cells are about 72% water, we are virtually made of water and we need to keep replenishing it regularly. By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated! Tea, coffee, soft drink (soda) and cordial are NOT water (in fact they are dehydrating), and for every one of these you have you need to add another glass of water.
  4. Move: this means move your body, walk, go to a gym or fitness centre, dance, run up stairs, walk on the beach, a yoga session – whatever, but move. Work up a sweat, get your heart pumping and stretch that body, it will love you for it and you will not only live longer you might even enjjoy it.
  5. Boost your energy by kickstarting your day with a hot and cold shower. Shower and cleanse under a warm shower and then turn the hot water off for 20 seconds, on for 20 seconds repeat 2 or 3 times ending with cold. Towel briskly to rub the warmth back into your skin, you will notice the zing! Helps remove lactic acid from the muscles, and improves ciruclation.
  6. Change your eating habits: eat more raw food, now that it’s warmer get into salads and fruit, eating fresh, raw, alive food helps you feel fresh and alive.
  7. Defuzz: get rid of that unwanted hair, I get lazy in winter, I hide my legs under jeans and pants, so when it get’s to spring I go get my first summer waxing (I usually shave about 2 weeks before so they don’t think I am a total ape:). It feels so good and I feel like summer is on its way when my skin is smooth for the first time since May.
  8. Exfoliate: give your skin an all over sheen by giving it a good scrub with a facial and then a body exfoliation cream in your shower. Your skin will love you for it and you will feel summer ready with a new spring in your step.

live a balanced life….

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Aqua La Vida: Water of Life

Mwamanongu Village water source, Tanzania. Image via Wikipedia

I was watching the 3rd movie in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy with my son the other day and at the end it shows them all searching for immortality via their very special map and the spot on the map was referenced as: “Aqua la Vida.” Water is indeed the water of life, and the only thing we need to remember about living longer is to drink enough of it. Clean, preferably fltered and kept out of those nasty plastic bottles that are causing our earth to be filled with them at an alarming rate.

Scientifically speaking every cell in our body is around 70% water and so we too are around 70% water, to exist we need to replenish this water. We become dehydrated much more quickly than most people realise:

  • Breathing dries us as water vapour is breathed out with each breath
  • Urination as our kidney use it for filtration
  • Cells use water in almost every chemical interchange it is the universal solvent
  • We sweat it out of our skin as our body balances our core temperature
  • Caffeine, sugar and many other chemicals in our food and drink are dehydrating
  • Water forms the fluid around our joints and our saliva
  • Water helps to relieve any constipation

Drink water,  not tea, coffee, soda’s, cordials or juices none of these are as hydrating as water and most if not all of them actuallyd dehydrate us further. Good clean water, our bodies crave it, did you know:

  • by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated?
  • many headaches are a thirsty bodies cries for water?
  • water can help you lose weight?
  • water clears our skin?

There are many more things I could tell you about water, but this could also end up a really long post and I think by now you get the idea.

live a balanced life…

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