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A Balanced Life A New Theory of Everything

Garret Lisi is one of us, a surfer. He surfs the waves of Hawaii and the quanta of the universe, for those with even a tiny interest in our universe and how it works, or for those who sit in awe and wonder of it, listen to this talk.

A lot of it will go over your head, but the reference to “all possibilities expanding and developing at once” gives me joy, and will bring a smile to my face for the rest of today, and possibly tomorrow.

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Make Room in Your Life for More…

I got to talking to one of our clients the other day and she was very disappointed that she wasn’t really fitting in with a group she had joined. It was an amateur theatrical group and once upon a time this lady had been a professional performer.

I said to her just one thing, “You know S____, I had a mentor once that said to me, “You know Annie, you have to breathe out before you can breathe in.” This lady almost exactly mirrored what I believe I must have looked like when I first heard that statement. There was a moment of total stillness as she allowed herself to digest and come to grips with all the levels of that statement, and then her eyes lit up with total comprehension and she smiled widely, “Quick, quick give me pen and paper I have to write that down! That is the best advice anyone has ever given me, EVER!”

Did you get it? Do you know why this lady and I know that this little piece of advice is the BEST EVER?

In life we are so busy holding on so tightly in case we ‘lose’ something that perhaps we do not allow ourselves to let go, to release, to feel grateful for what we have, to realise this might be a chance to do it differently, to just be and see what happens. This statement holds so many levels it never stops being relevent. “Breathe out… make room for more, for something different, make room for life to give you something wonderful!

“You have to breathe out, before you can breathe in.”

live a balanced life…

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