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Excess Sugar Linked To Male Infertility

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Excess sugar is being linked to so many different symptoms and diseases now that it should serve as a warning to everyone. Sugar means anything that has a high glycemic index: sugar itself and; white flour,  white rice, bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, soda, cola, candy, pastry, etc… Now scientists are telling us it can also lead to male infertility, perhaps this might be why the y chromosome is shrinking too? I guess they will let us know when they have it all figured out.

“Sperm DNA quality is known to be associated with decreased embryo quality, low embryo implantation rates, higher miscarriage rates, and some serious childhood diseases, in particular some childhood cancers. Over the years possible causes for sperm DNA fragmentation have been suggested but to date the exact mechanism for the damage remains unknown, say the scientists.

“We found a class of compounds known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in the male reproductive tract. These are formed as the result of glycation (the addition of sugar),” said Dr. Mallidis, “and accumulate during normal ageing. They are dependent on life style – diet, smoking etc – and in many diabetic complications are centrally implicated in DNA damage. We believe that they play a similar role in the male reproductive system.”

The scientists intend to follow up their work by trying to determine how AGEs cause and contribute to DNA damage. They believe that they may have uncovered a new role for AGEs, and that their influence goes far beyond diabetes and its complications.

“We must now try to develop strategies to protect sperm, and to diminish the accumulation of AGEs,” said Dr. Mallidis. Such strategies could involve changes in diet, disrupting a step in the formation of AGEs, or increasing the body’s protection against AGEs, possibly through the use of dietary supplements”

Sugar and starchy over processed grains have become one of the major causes of our modern diseases and it’s time for us all to realise that we must start thinking about what we eat and get back to basics. Prescriptive treatment protocol for the modern day epidemics: lots of vegetables, good quality protein, good fats and oils, wholegrains (in that order) and lots of fresh, clean air, exercise and movement on a daily basis.

When we look at the way all animal life has evolved, we were meant to take advantage of the fruits of the earth and move, not to sit in out over-processed offices, in over-processed lighting, breathing over-processed air and eating over-processed foods. Get out and…

live a balanced life…

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Superfood, Superfruit the Research is In

Here’s a question for you? What fruit is high in all these essential nutrients, and remember I said all of them?

  • essential fatty acids –  Omega 6 and Omega 9
  • phytosterols (lower cholesterol and inflammation)
  • the highest ORAC score therefore the highest in antioxidants
  • dietary fibre
  • calcium (prevents osteoporosis and builds bones, helps us sleep)
  • all the macro minerals (essential for life, we cannot use vitamins in our diets unless we have enough minerals)
  • micro minerals (as above)
  • low glycemic index (lowers blood sugar and prevents diabetes)
  • celadrin (anti-inflammatory – reduces aches and pain and most doctors now think that many diseases even cancer are causes by chronic inflammation)

Do you know which fruit has all this and more? I’ll give you some hints: it’s a berry, foundAcai berries in the Amazon and is taking the world by storm. ACAI, yes this little black palm berry is the source of all these nutrients and has researchers amazed. Dr Perricone stated on Oprah that it was,   “one of the most nutritious foods in the world” and topped his list of superfoods.

Get some today. How? I hear you ask. Here:

balance your life, today!

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