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Can Exercise Make Me Smarter? Yes, It Can!


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“According to Harvard Psychiatry Professor John Ratey nothing beats exercise for promoting brain heath.” In fact some studies even proved that there were increases in brain cells and exercise could delay the onset of dementia and Alzhiemers’.

Yogi’s who have practiced some form of yoga or Chi exercises have long been known to remain cognizant well into great old age as it seems these ancient forms of exercise entail using not only the body, but also the brain as the twisting and cross use of the body promote neuron growth in young and old. The stress lowering effect of all kinds of exercise including yoga could also be a factor worth noting.

Another form of exercise that is proving helpful in brain health is the Vibration Platform, so what ever your options get some exercise into your day and stay young at heart and of mind for many years to come.

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Direct Your Thinking, Take Action and Get Fit

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I know that when it comes to exercise I have a lot less motivation than I would like to have. My business partner has no trouble in this area, she is an great Yoga Instructor, she surfs, and her husband runs youth fitness clubs (what chance do I have?). I however find it really easy to eat healthily, have no trouble downing my green morning drink.

Yes, it’s green – because of all the green barley in it, one day if you want to know I will give you the recipe for my ‘Tigers Milk” great stuff and I love it. However to be honest it’s an aquired taste. NO really it took me months to get aquired 😉 But I had no problems just doing it, none at all. Now fitness, especially now that it is winter (and it’s definitely too cold to get up that extra hour early to exercise) is a real challenge for me.

So I was interested to read this exerpt from an article in a Science magazine about what researchers had found out about this and how we can ‘direct’ our thinking and create new motivation and even take action on things we naturally find excuses to avoid:

“Researchers asked students to think about ideas that fell into either the “reasons” category or the “actions” category. For example, some participants were asked to list the reasons why they should increase the performance of a target cardiovascular exercise they had previously selected, such as to be healthier or lose weight. Other participants were asked to list actions they could take to increase exercise performance, such a joining a gym or working out with a friend.

Having the students for eight weeks bring to mind and list actions they could take to increase exercise performance led to an increase in exercise and improved cardiovascular fitness. However, having students repeatedly bring to mind the reasons why they should do the target exercise did not increase time spent exercising.

“Our results suggest that people who are out of shape and at risk for serious health problems may be able to think their own way out of their unhealthy lifestyle and onto the path towards better physical fitness,” the authors conclude. “It could change the way that people think about motivating themselves and others.”

So get out your notepad and start listing all the reasons you should be keeping fit and/or the ways you could be taking action. I did and this is what I found.

What I did: I realised that the easiest way for me to take action and get rid of most of my excuses was to do something that I had been planning for a while. I have fallen totally in love with the Vibration Platform, this really cool, wonderous machine even gets you fit when you just stand on it! For a greater workout you can do the 24 poses, or create your own workout, even a Yoga workout if you like yoga.

So while the really big suppliers special was on this month I ordered one, and set it up in my lounge room, so that even when I feel really really unmotivated all I have to do it turn on the TV, watch some inane drivel and stand on my Vibrating Platform. Too Easy!

Go take a look, I have put lots of information about them on site and the special is on for at least 3 more days. Tell you what, because your such a nice person (and so am I ;), if you really, really want your very own Vibration Platform at these great prices… and you use the contact form onsite to let me know you do… I will hold one for you at those prices for 2 more weeks (just don’t tell my business partner – ok?).

Make sure you let me know as soon as possible, and make sure you let me know in your email which one you have chosen for yourself.

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Dangers of the Cervical Cancer Vaccine!

I had a conversation with my brother’s very new girlfriend the other day and I was astonished to learn that she had just finished a course of Gardasil the Cervical Cancer Vaccine! Why? Because I thought that most people had heard about the terrible effects it was having on girls around the world… but no some people still believe it will save their daughters.

The statistics are frightening, and everyone needs to know, first of all watch this video of a talk back radio show that tells at least one girl and her mothers tragic story:

Now that you have seen this video, see what others had to say:

Dr Mercola

Deaths Associated with New Vaccine

Dangers of Gardasil Cervical Cancer Vaccine

“This report reveals startling facts about the HPV vaccine that most people will find shocking:

• How it may actually increase the risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6 percent.

• The FDA has, for four years, known that HPV was not the cause of cervical cancer.

• Why mandatory HPV vaccination policies may cause great harm to young girls.

• Why HPV infections are self-limiting and pose no real danger in healthy women

• Little-known FDA documents that reveal astounding facts about Gardasil

• How Big Pharma promoted its Gardasil vaccine using disease mongering and fear mongering


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Having Trouble Sleeping – What about using an ancient cure?

Taijiquan in den Wudangbergen (Wudang tai chi chuan)

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Research is proving that using ancient forms of slow exercise can have amazing effects on the elderly. Apparently these ancient forms such as Tai chi, and Yoga (Indian, Tibetan, etc…) all stem from the same source so it doesn’t really matter what form you choose.

Insomnia can be a rel problem as we age, and I personally know many with sleep deprivation from moderate to severe who could really use a good nights sleep. Sleeping is one way our bodies rest and recuperate and we heal 10 x more effeciently at night while asleep than we do during the day. Might we even live longer if we got anough sleep?

These forms of slow exercise are perfect for the elderly according to the research.

Another form of exercise that is also proving exptremely beneficial for the elderly, those who find it difficult to exercise, those who are recuperating from injury or illness (including stroke) and those who want to boost their exercise levels to new heights is Vibration Technology.

Why not find yourself a yoga class or personal instructor or get yourself a vibration platform and get some sleep and stay young?

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Update: More Research Proves We CAN Change our Genes!

only the exons encode the protein. This diagram labels a region of only 40 or so bases as a gene. In reality most genes are hundreds of times larger and have several Introns, sometimes over 100

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This latest research article I must admit is a little bit techie. But it is still more evidence that proves that you can change what you were born with. As this field of research is opened up more and more, we are going to be blown away!

Bruce Lipton started it (new field of epigenetics), and now new studies on the assumption that our genes cement our health and outcomes are finding that making assumptions really does make an ‘ass’ out of you and ‘me’, as more and more findings proves his findings. If you haven’t even heard of Bruce Lipton scroll back a little in these posts and find his videos, or just look him up a search engine.

Amazing stuff! If you have a “genetically inherited” condition perhaps instead of beleiveing you can’t do anything about it, it might be time to take another look, a really good look and see what can be done according to these new studies.

See Article in Science Daily

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Yoga, You and Detoxing

A sculpture of a Hindu yogi in the Birla Mandir, Delhi

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When was the last time you went to Yoga class? Didn’t you come away feeling great! I know when I am not doing my Yoga, I really miss it. But, did you know that Yoga can be used to detox your body and clear up your lymph system and organs for a fresher, clearer, more energetic you?

This little post from Gaiam, I found this morning reminded me to tell you all about this effect that regular Yoga sessions can give you. Go find a class and get going today!

“Most forms of vigorous exercise stimulate all three systems of elimination to some extent, thereby helping the body in its quest to detox. But yoga, with its focus on systematically stretching and compressing every part of the body, is particularly well-suited to keeping the waste-removal departments of the body functioning well. “In a well-rounded yoga practice, every part of the body is pushed, pulled, twisted, turned and upended. This facilitates the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from the deep tissues and extremities of the body that a jog or a bike ride just don’t reach,”


We all know we need to detox, and doing it regularly can make our lives work better, we will not wake with that feeling as if we are pushing our way through water instead of air, and we just might be able to take our occasional excesses with less kick back 🙂

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Fit Exercise Tips to Fit Into Any Day


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This post from Gaiam give some great tips for fitting exercise into any day at all, whether you’re stuck at home, at the office or even in the car…

“The following tips from three fitness gurus will help keep you strong and slender, whether you’re stuck at home, in the office or in the car. And even if you are a dedicated gym rat, you can squeeze some or all of these exercises into your day and get an added toning boost.

Additionally, taking breaks from your computer, housework or children, or whatever keeps you busy, to stretch and strengthen will benefit not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well…”

Option 1: Take the coffee break; skip the latte.

Option 2: Tied to your desk? Work out while you work!

Option 3: STUCK IN TRAFFIC? Don’t get mad; get toned!

Read the rest of the post HERE

It can be important for you to get some exercise into your day no matter how busy you are, exercise can even give you an energy boost, especially when done regularly. So if you are feeling a lack of energy GET UP! and GET GOING! and be surprised at how differently you feel and how your energy levels soar.

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Smokers Lose 5 Years Off Lifespan

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I don’t like smoking, ask any of my friends and they will tell you it is true. I hate to breathe in the smoke and I don’t like the smell of it on your breath or your clothes when I give you a kiss or a hug. That being said, I still love my friends and family who do, it is the smoking that worries me not the person. I worry about their health and what smoking might be doing to them and this research article just in, doesn’t help at all…

“The effect of smoking on the chance of dying is similar to the effect of adding five to 10 years of age,” the study said.

“For both men and women, smoking increases the risk of death by nearly the same magnitude as adding five years to a person’s age.”

The figures were derived by compiling death and health risk statistics from various agencies such as the American Cancer Society and National Center for Health Statistics, and were arranged into 10-year risk charts.

“For example, a 55-year-old man who smokes has about the same 10-year risk of death from all causes as a 65-year-old man who never smoked,” it said.

Among women who never smoked, the 10-year risk rates of dying from breast cancer and heart disease were similar until age 60, after which heart disease was the biggest killer.

“For women who currently smoke, the chance of dying from heart disease or lung cancer exceeds the chance of dying from breast cancer from age 40 on.”

The study, which aimed to help doctors convey the risks of smoking, was led by Lisa Schwartz of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Vermont.” (

Now I know that smokers hate being told not to smoke, but I am going to do it anyway. Have you ever thought about how your friends and relatives feel about it, how they might worry themselves sick about you? My gorgeous daughter smoked for 10 years and last year she had her cervix removed, because of cancer. It went from just a warning (during a time when she was ‘quitting’- it did not progress at all) to urgently needing an operation (as soon as she started smoking again) that has got to tell you something. We love you so please stop.

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Belly Fat May Affect Your Liver

Central obesity

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Look down… is your belly fat or flat? If all you see is a rounded ball where your abs ought to be you might want to consider doing something about it. A new study has found that abdominal fat, which is called WAT or while adipose tissue, is something worth shedding. Among its many other disagreeable effects on the body these researchers have found:

“A study by the University of Southern California (USC) suggests the release of lipids from abdominal fat, which drains directly to the liver, increases overnight, providing additional insight as to how abdominal fat is associated with type 2 diabetes risk. The results of the study were presented at an oral session Monday, June 9 at the American Diabetes Association 68th Scientific Sessions held in San Francisco.

“It has been shown that people who store body fat in their abdomens are at greater risk to develop diabetes and other chronic illnesses, but why this happens has remained unclear,” says Lisa Nicole Harrison, B.S., Master’s candidate, at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and lead author on the study. “Our study found lipid release from abdominal fat was substantially elevated during the night, which may be a primary mechanism leading to insulin resistance, a strong risk factor for type 2 diabetes.”

The observed lipids drain directly to the liver, a key center of glucose and insulin metabolism, where they may accumulate as triglyceride and cause dysregulation of these important metabolic processes, Harrison says. The results highlight the importance of abdominal obesity in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.”

University of Southern California (

What can you do about it? The book “A Rainbow on My Plate” might have some of the answers.

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